Unlife Chronicles Part:1 Annabel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Annabel Walked an uneasy walk because the city never sleeps it just becomes quiet in the night. The quiet before the storm. Walking I end up down an alley I have never seen and there are all the sudden two men behind me walking in step with me.

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011




As I live and breathe I am finally on time for the bus and the bus is late. That’s what I would call life. I was just a small town girl when I decided that I didn’t want to wind up as some wife to a man that could offer me is a double wide and a set of twins.  So I decided to change my life and move to the big city.  A place of glass and steel, blank faces, blinding sights and sounds that move beyond what can be comprehended.

I found a job in a local bookstore close to my tiny but fabulous studio apartment. Me and my roommate, a mouse I call Sam. I tried and tried to get rid of him and I failed so I let him be, heck most times I am grateful for the company, Ah finally the bus, as the worn bus operator looks me up and down.  He might be the only man to notice me today I thought to myself.  Then I thought of how pitiful I sounded and it could be much worst. I couldn’t think of anything at that particular moment. The smell of urine hung heavy in the air of the bus.  I surveyed the people around me thourouly only to notice no one was looking back. Everyone had something else to do in their world, even the guy in the back who was clearly addicted to something or other.  No one ever takes the time to look back, in a city of millions I feel as if I am the only one here. In a world full of people how is it possible for one person to feel so utterly alone? This is a glimpse into the thoughts that always haunt this overly engaging experience called life. Being snapped back into reality by the familiar squeal of the heavy bus brakes.  Finally getting at my stop I proceed to exit the bus after the people behind me pummel me to get to their various destinations. I leave the bus finally walking down the concrete street that smelled of lasts nights’ rain. I was so hoping that my boss Mr. Sangue would pay me today. It’s been two weeks and I don’t have the heart to confront him. I thought moving to the city was a chance to change the bland person I was, to be whoever I wanted to be a secret agent of sorts. Seems I choose the worst cover story ever. I walked into the book store; I think I might have worked there simply for the smell of the books, like history would come alive and rescue me from this existence. I walk in and of course am late and the meeting had already started. After 20 mins I heard blah blah revenue down blah blah blah then 24-hour bookstore, at that I started paying attention as Mr.Sangue stared at me as he uttered these words.  After the meeting Mr.Sangue came to me with that fake smile like he does and gave me the we all have to help out line that everyone has heard at least one time in their lives... As he started to walk away from me, I don’t know what got into me it just blurted out. Are we getting paid today?

He turned and gave me a blank stare, then proceeded to walk closer to me as to look down to me. There are a lot of people looking for jobs in this economy, if you feel you are being treated unfairly you are more than happy to quit. But I doubt anyone would show the same mercy I showed when I hired you.  Will there be anything else said Mr.Sangue.

With a cruel look of satisfaction on his face he turned slowly and walked away.

I could feel the eyes of everyone on me. Laughing and sniggering at my public shame. I walk swiftly out of the room of course holding back the tears that want to run from my stained glass eyes. It’s more the fact that I am a coward not the fact that I was humiliated and I run through the things I should have told him, the aftermath of any conflict. Thinking about a different result doesn’t change the one that you got and I know that but it comforts the human condition.

I do my expected duties at work, it’s not like anyone notices me anyway. I am just that weird girl and I don’t really know how that happened.  As I am about to leave for the night with much relief, Mr.Sangue come out with a cat like sinister smile on his face. Oh Annabel He said in with contempt in his voice. We have a new shipment that arrived earlier today; I need them in their proper places before you leave for the evening. With that and a smile he was back in to the shadows where he emerged from. This slender man with rat like features has had a hard and miserable life and conveys this when he speaks to anyone, he is alone and always will be and the saddest part of all of this is that he is aware and he accepts it.

 7 P.M turns to 1 A.M

There a beaten Annabel locks the door of her proverbial prison; she has missed the bus and is forced to walk up 17 to catch the next one.

Annabel Walked an uneasy walk because the city never sleeps it just becomes quiet in the night. The quiet before the storm. Walking I end up down an alley I have never seen and there are all the sudden two men behind me walking in step with me. My rate of walking instinctually increases as the men draw closer to me with each step as they speed up. I look back in a panic and start to run and there is a Red Sign flashing in the cowboy themed place called Jo’Annes.

I run to the door with all I have and enter, to be surprised by roman pillars, and fires burning in the four corners of the room. I almost forget my would be aslent and look back to see neither hide nor hair of them... In front of me the most beautiful velvet rope and velvet courtin I have ever seen. This was seemingingly one room one way in and one way out as far as I could see. Above me was the most beautiful dome I had ever seen with an angle reaching out to the middle on one side and a looks like a demon reaching from the other side In the midst of all this wonder is such a small space, stood an Indian gentlemen in an old swami outfit.

I asked him calmly what this place is. He slowly turned his head and in an Indian accent thick at the finest curry he said, The sign outside says Jo’Annes. He stared for a moment and said, Ah you are here because you are supposed to be here. I looked at him for a second, behinde him the court in began to open and there behind him was a western themed bar with roman pillars and a fountain in the middle of the room. There were many patrons there but unlike the rest of her life she felt the notice of people, the whispers of who is that lingered in the air. Some had a look of disgusted on their faces. But she was used to that. As Annabel makes her way through the room she makes her way to the bar. She doesn’t even know what is motivating her to stay there, on the other hand could she really be sure the threat of danger was over? And this environment was intriguing to her. At that moment a man and a woman were in a corner talking when abruptly the man stopped talking. He was a divertingly handsome man with the most piercing silver looking eyes I have ever seen In a black turtle neck, he skin was like porcelain to fine to touch almost unearthly the moment he stared at me lasted a lifetime in my soul. Then a buxom brunet haired woman of exceptional beauty she seems to glow in sorts. What can I get you? Am distracted by yelling at the end of the bar a woman and a man in a brown trench coat of sorts were an ill more than at each other’s throats... But for some reason I felt love and hope from both of them. I looked back over to the corner and the man and the woman were gone. I looked back at the bartender and asked if there was a phone I could use to take a cab and she stared for a second and laughed. I am sure if you want to get where you need to be that will happen when you leave the bar said the bartender.  As she walked away she gave me a little wink. I sat there for at least a half hour getting up the courage to leave the relative safety of this comforting and impossibly seeming bar. I get the courage and I head words the courtins that open and close behind me. I say good bye to the Indian gentlemen and I think to myself he may hear my screams if there is a problem which I hope there isn’t. I walk out of the bar doors to survey where I am and it’s strangely no longer the ally but across the street where I catch the bus for work. I look back for the bar and it’s gone. I walk down the relative safety of the well lit street to my hobble of an apartment that I am two months behind in rent, shared bathrooms and all.  As I stagger up the stairs the events of the evening still stuck in my mind.

So many questions, But I can sacrifice all of that for a goodnight sleep.. Let’s hope the morning will bring some answers with it.

It didn’t

On my same route to work, as I inch towards the all too familiar bus stop I couldn’t help be look across the street where I had emerged from that place of wonders.

Heh Joanne’s bar…

Another hum drum day of work. It’s if I phased though the day, all I could think about is that bar. Not even the surly Mr.Sangue could get to me. Because for some reason he was no longer as important as he was in this small universe.

I felt more trapped than usual, like a fish that’s outgrown her bowl.  I ran though the mystical location over and over again in my mind’s eye all-day. At the end of my shift I think I missed my bus on purpose to spend more time in that all excepting place call Joanne’s. I know it was a fluke and I know that it was a twist of fate but I have to find that bar again, Annabel thought.

In all her life that bar was the warmest place she had ever been. Like scattered pieces of yourself throughout the universe. She got one of those pieces back last night and I was having a hard time letting it go.

She walked aimlessly for hours her feet stiff with a day of work and desperate searching. As the glass and steel of the city start to become still as the sun goes down and the world is lit with the illumination of man himself, the city becomes a different place, a place and an ideal setting to find her vanishing bar. Her journey wore on she felt as if she was going in circles. That and the fear of the streets she traverses. The homeless she passes, on what she is starting to feel is a vain quest, and won’t even bother to ask her for spare change or shoot the various tales of Vietnam and Charlie. Annabel’s thought had gotten away with her because before you knew it she was down an unfamiliar alley. A feeling came over her a she took each step down the dumpster filled alley. She thought to herself this feels…. I have done this before her though so she proceeded. She kept turning her head, on the prowl half expecting to see the same gentlemen from last night.

She traveled the alley cautiously, all of the sudden she heard a voice distinctly behind her. She turned like all confused white women do when they are alone and said. Hello..Is there anyone there?  At that point Annabel decided it was time to leave with haste... When she turned to get the speed up to run. There. The man in the bar from last night. He didn’t have the same glow as he did last night he somehow seemed darker.  But his eyes still the same deep silver and somehow kind. Are you in need of assistance, his voice deep, you can hear the suffering in his speech. My name is Alexander said the man.

Do you not know what you are? He stared at me blankly and his eyes fell upon my neck. He quickly looked me back in the eye. You are someone very special he said.

I thought to myself I think that is the first time that anyone has ever called me special. That’s sad but I would I never forget that statement that man made to me. I shyly look away from him and I am modest. Is it modesty or is it the truth showing that I am undeserved of this man’s compliments. I want you to come with me he said. I didn’t hesitate, in the last few moments of meeting this man I felt more alive than I ever have in the entire life.

The sounds of the city seem to fall away. Annabel hesitates for a moment, not knowing whether to give into the new feelings. Or to keep her jaded heart hidden from the stranger.

Hello Alexander I am Annabel. What makes you think I need assistance? She asked with a look of concern on her face. Alexander takes a step back and there is almost a ting of golden spark in his eyes. Like a sad setting sun never to be seen again. He speaks, I can assure you that I mean you no harm and you do seem a bit lost, if you don’t mind me saying. Maybe I can help said Alexander his mellow voice echoing off the empty alley walls. I have been coming to this city my entire life. Alexander extends his arm to Annabel; she does not hesitate this time

taking his arm as they walk out of the alley. Annabel bring up the fact that she was out looking for the bar Joanne’s in the phone book And online and for the life of her she couldn’t  find any information on it. Alexander then explained the story he heard about the owners whoever they make be working outside of the law and had to keep the place on the move. But it was the best kept secret in town.  Where even the lost can feel at home, Annabel and Alexander walk down the seeming desert of glass and steel. It felt as if the city belonged to us. The night was ours. Without warning a car pulls up on to the sidewalk blocking their path. Three men and a large woman, who has years of a fallen U.S.S.R on her face rush out of the car. Annabel can see right away the two men from the night before that had chased her down the alley that started this mysterious and exhilarating journey. Her heart sank as she felt a foreboding shadow. Alexander steps between Annabel and the men Alexander looking calmly asked may I help you.  The Leader Annabel guesses because of the gold and chain and baseball bat to match, and a scar running from the base of his eye to the edge of his cheek. The man makes eye contact with Alexander for a moment ,then Alexander speaks in a language Annabel doesn’t understand and the four rushed back in the car and drove off faster then they approached. Annabel asked what that was. Alexander lingers on the face of the woman with such wonder in her eyes and he answers It was just a misunderstanding and that they were just lost, needed help to find the Right way.

Annabel wakes up jilted in her bed from the blaring of the alarm. A dream she thought to herself . But it all felt so real. Then Annabel then turns her attention back to the blaring alarm only to notice she is an hour late. Barley enough time to drop Sam a piece of bread on the way out. Riding the bus to work Annabel goes over the dream over and over in her mind. Was Alexander real?  Was the bar?  All she knew for sure is the she missed what she felt in that place with that stranger. She felt like she was losing her mind, Memories that she can’t quite touch. Annabel gets two steps into the book store when she hears Mr.Sangune Annabel in my office now!  Saunge was on his regular tirade, when Annabel just snapped..TODAY is the first day I have ever been late, The First! Your more than two weeks late with my pay check and I hear the stories of your gambling and I you always smell like a walking distillery. So let’s cut the Shit and Pay me and I quit! You’re also kind of a douche. With a smile Annabel watched a defeated Mr.Saungue pulled out a locked box out of his desk and pays Annabel in cash. As Annabel was leaving the office he screamed and don’t come back, no doubt trying to seem strong in front of his labor force. A satisfied Annabel walks for the door. She feels a bit lightheaded and a bit weak suddenly.  She shakes it off relishing her current victory over one of her many oppressors .Finally stood up for herself yet it was an odd feeling like being in the passenger seat of your own body. She thought that the recent queasiness could be attributed to hunger she seen a hotdog cart And proceeded to order a small hot dog. She took a bite and started to feel sick almost immediately. With all that had happened Annabel felt overwhelmed and just wanted to be back home. As Annabel exited the bus and started to walk down the street to her apartment. It was becoming harder to walk the glass and Steel which surrounded her and she loved so much reflective surfaces burned her eyes. She was developing an increasing fever she then became dizzy as if the world were turned on its side. She finally gets to the door and a man grabs her by her arm and pulls her insider her building and slams her to the ground. It’s one of the same men from last night.  But how? How did they find me?  The two men bolted down the hall towards Annabel the man with the Gold bat and scar was there with an all too eager look on his face. As Annabelle looked up frozen in fear the man started to speak in English as broken as an ancient aqueduct. Where is Rent? Annabel rushed to pull the ball of cash from her pocket. She handed it to the man with the bat.  Da. Thank you as the man with the bat turns to leave one of the other men speaks up in the same language as he night before .The man counts all the cash and turns back to Annabel and looks in her eyes, Black as a shark  .in the thick accent, this will not cover it . Annabel looked at the shark in the eyes and remarks yes it is I counted it.  This money will cover what you owe for rent but the for time and the gas me and my crew put into tracking you down. We might need a little bit more of what you were born with. With a gleam in the eye of the man as he licked his jagged lips. As he pulls her skirt up with his bat. The other two men laughing in the background one of the men rubbing his member though his pants. The men start to advance on Annabel. The man grabs Annabel by her neck and slams her into the ground. She hears the tears of her skirt and the tugging of her panties again her flesh. All Annabel could think to herself is this can’t be happening, no one was going to save her.  No one will care about some girl who got raped in a bad part of town. That was her lot in life, shit on and take it. As she always had her whole life, as the feeling of hopelessness fell over her it was soon replaced by rage. With ease throws the man on top of her back down the hall he hits the wall, bones crack simultaneously the sound of  firecrackers  as he falls to the ground. Annabel now in what’s left he torn dress on the floor looks up at the two men with blood red eyes. The man with the scar no longer had that predatory gleam in his eye; his gaze was now replaced by one of fear. The man with the bat pushed the other man like meat to a lion, His instinctual fear kicks in and throws a punch at Annabel while stumbling,. it hits her face with a dulling thud, She just looks at him curiously. She rubs her hand down his check seductively to his neck and then no more. With a simple sound his life was taken. The man with the bat throws it at her as he screams DEMON!! He turns to run as Annabel leaps across the hall on to his back. She bites his neck and rips the tendons and the flesh from his spinal column .as Annabel stands over what remains of the three would be Rapist her face covered in blood and flesh fresh in her teeth. She comes to her senses and realized what has transpired. The inhuman screech could be heard though the city, Annabel runs out in the raining night trying to remain unseen, running away anywhere away from this place and the things she had done. Before she knew it Annabel was all alone in an empty field of barren earth. As she stumbles about the home of the decaying in the dark she walks into the shadows and falls to her knees. The cold of the rain and the mud feel like home on her skin and she places her hands in the mud and starts to dig. Without thinking an instinctual reaction. After her whole is dug she starts to contort and vomit blood streams of blood, liquefied internal organs. Though the vomiting she cries to the raining heavens Oh God what’s happening to me as everything goes black .As the soil covers her it seems to be an eternity. Within this eternity were people places and things are just flashes. New sounds something resilient like a metronome, it’s a heartbeat no its two hearts beats. Annabel’s ribs start to contort and form and break though the flesh to create a cocoon. The cocoon stated seem to past much faster and was even pleasant. Annabel then had another urge to dig and that’s what she did though the cocoon though the soil which was now dry from the time spent under the earth. Finally to the top Adjusting her vision the world somehow seemed new, all of the sudden she heard the familiar voice of Alexander. Happy Birth day Annabel. He turns to see him with the same woman from the bar from before and three others a young boy and a girl and a young man about Annabel’s age. Welcome Home


To Be Continued















































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