What you make of it Part 3: Needed

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A Homeless mans Adventures in this short story

Submitted: April 07, 2011

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Submitted: April 07, 2011



As the homeless man comes too, stifled by unfamiliar sight and sounds. Unfamiliar smells, clean smells, sterile smells.

He opens his eyes slowly the light is bright like the first of a morning. Even in all of the confusion he felt at peace even happy. Starting to remember the events that put him in the particular predicament, jilted by memory, his relax state fades as he stares to examine the room more. This is the nicest room I have ever seen I mean, Its like getting sick and winning the lottery at the same time, he though to himself. There are people bustling pass the corridors of the door to an unknown world. I am bandaged neatly, someone even took the time to shave and groom me. A woman stifles in ….I am so sorry ...I am sooo sorry I didn't mean to....The homeless man stares as if a dear in headlights. Frankly she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in is tattered existence. I am so sorry my name is Karen said the woman. The homeless man still speechless managed to get a decent thank you out . I took the liberty of having you looked at by my private physician said Karen, feel free to ask for anything its on my dime. Another thank you dripped from the homeless mans mouth. Its just my way of apologizing said Karen. As she started taking her final stride for the door, she looked back and lingered for a minuet moment.


That should have been the end of it, but for some reason Karen couldn't get the man out of her head. It was more than guilt, was it morbid curiosity, was it her own loneliness driving her to these thoughts.

Maybe a lighthouse in the storm. Maybe even a bit of the rebellious teenager remnant, to get back at daddy . Whatever the case was she couldn't get this man out of her head.

In the late recesses of the night she took a drive. She told her self just a drive and ended up at the private practice where the homeless man was resting his wounds.

She sulked into the room thinking the homeless man would surely have some spite towards her.

To her surprise he didn't, They talked into the night having more things in common that either of them would have suspected.

She started spending immense amounts of time with the homeless man. He made her happy, strangely enough he made her feel whole. The homeless man felt the same way in all respects. His life of a vagabond felt merely like a dream, this was his reality now. When she was away for what short tipreticularme she was, the homeless man felt as if he was drowning.

The day cam where the wounds of the once broken homeless man had healed. There was a longing in the air, as if a storm was on the horizon.

With the final goodbye at hand with this woman he had fallen madly in love with. Longing of words to say. To feel and to say are different things.

So...He lept

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