"Project Incarnate" with Fixed Grammatical Errors

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a concept for the beginning part of a manga/comic idea I'm calling "Project Incarnate".

It starts off with a strange man altering a young woman's appearance and maybe even insides via a strange, painful ritual. She faints during the process and wakes up to find a dark-skinned angelic-being named Mars (names may change) and another angelic-being with red hair named Roy carrying her to what they call "Tengoku" or heaven. They tell her they'll explain the situation once they get there.

As conveyed in the name, this intro may or may not be used in the final version of the comic/manga I'll make in the future.

*Fixed Errors from last draft*

A hand is thrust into the stomach of what seems to be a young woman. She cries out in agony as she hangs helplessly from a crucifix suspended in mid-air in what some kind of a pitch black alternate dimension. Opening her eyes from her brutal wake-up-call, she sees that a young man with short spiky white hair, a crown of thorns, black-colored outsides of the eyes (where the white should be) and a wide toothy grin is the one causing this. As she's screaming, the young man says:

"Heh, I don't know why father would want someone like YOU for
this, but I guess I can't protest eh?"

He then pulls out what seems to be a tree root-like growth from the hole in her stomach that's blotched with black and white (little bit more than half white in color). This causes even more excruciating pain, to the point of her not being able to scream anymore; only producing a wide eyed, teeth gritting expression
and a prolonged grunt. The
young man then pulls out a vial filled with a black liquid from his robes, and pours it on the root-like thing protruding from her stomach. As he pours it, it
becomes completely black and retracts back into her stomach with a whipping effect, while only a black hole from where the
young man stuck his hand
remaining. The young woman's clothes turn from being regular casual wear to a jet-black, long robe that reaches her ankles. A
crown of thorns also appears on her head. Her eyes turn from emerald-green to crimson-red. After this odd transformation the young man then says with relief and a chuckle:

"Welp, only one more thing to do, heh heh."

He then pulls a second object from his robes. It looks like a crystal ball with a whispy cloud inside of it.

"This'll seal the deal, aha. As well as shut your whiny ass up."

Before the orb is anywhere near the hole in her stomach, she faints from the pain and presumably from shock as well. As she awakens, she bats her eyes as she feels a somewhat strong breeze hitting her face as well as pushing aside the long,
black collection of bangs that normally covers her left eye. She also feels a pair of arms wrapped
around her, as if though she's being... carried? As she becomes more awake, she opens her eyes wide and looks up to see a dark
skinned man with medium length wavy black hair, deep blue eyes, and a
stern look on his face is carrying her. He's wearing a collared white jacket with one side a long sleeve
and the other sleeveless,
showing his bare arm riddled with what looks like black spiked tattoos. Suddenly remembering
what she recently went through before passing out, she squeals loudly, surprising the man
carrying her as she pulls away and begins to fall. She looks below her and sees nothing but clouds! She begins to panic
more. The young man shouts down at her as he flies down faster in attempt to grab her:

"Oi! Calm down and focus
dammit! Then your wings will sprout!"

Interpreting this as nonsense, she simply continues falling at
high speeds while screaming. Then suddenly she's caught. It was by the man she hadn't noticed that had been flying alongside the man carrying her. He says with a reassuring smile:

"Christ, you okay?"

Being totally dumbfounded, she just lies in his arms silent. She then frowns, being untrustworthy of any other weird beings.

"Er, I'll just assume you are." He says with an ebarassed chuckle and smile. The dark-skinned man then catches up and says:

"Bloody hell... 'Aight Roy?" He said, relieved
that his friend was there.

"Heh, yeah I'm fine. Dunno what to say about her though…" Says Roy, a man with blasted back red
hair and a collection of spiked bangs sticking upwards at his forehead hairline. He also has yellow eyes as well as a well
toned upper body. The woman notices he's not wearing a shirt and sees a root-shaped pattern of tattoos on the side of his
stomach. She blushes slightly before asking:

"Okay, what the hell is going on…?"

"She speaks!" Said Roy. "Don't worry, after we get to Tengoku we'll explain everything."

"Um, what's that?" the woman asks.

"I guess you humans would refer to it as 'heaven'." Says the dark-skinned man eyes closed and a nonchalant expression.

"H-heaven..? Oh my God, I've finally went batshit insane…" Says the woman.

"Er, no… you're okay, for the most part. Like I said, we'll explain on the way." Said Roy.

"Yeah, and until then, no more leaping out of arms. Next time I'm not attempting to catch you."
said the dark-skinned man.

*Well it was Roy or whatever that caught me anyway…* the woman

"Aha, excuse my asshole friend here." Said Roy as the dark-skinned man scoffs; crossing his arms. "Anyway, I'm Roy! And this
charmer here is Mars. What's your name?"

"Uhm.." the woman hesitates as Mars interrupts her and says:

"Her name's Iris."

Very surprised by the fact that Mars knew her name, she looked at him with a concerned expression while his eyes still closed.

*How the hell does he know my name? I know for sure I've never met or SEEN him even..* she thought.

Roy puts on an embarassed smile and says "Oh right, you would know that huh, Mars?"

Mars nods. Roy then says:

"Well, sorry we had to be
introduced in such a weird way there Iris, hehe… But yeah, we should get going. We'll get sorted out at Tengoku."

Iris stares for a bit and sighs whilst closing her eyes,

"Sure, whatever. I still think I've went psychopathic though."

"That's it then." Says Mars. "Let's be on our way."

Iris not believing she hadn't noticed this before, she sees Mars bat his giant angelic -like wings and zooms ahead. She also notices that he had a golden halo floating above his head, as well as Roy.

"Woo-hoo!!" Shouts Roy as he zooms ahead after Mars. "I'll beat you on the way back this time Mars!"

"Yeah, do your best or
something." Said Mars.

Breaking through another layer of clouds, Iris sees a giant mass of grassy land and buildings in the
distance. It's floating there, with another floating mass of land
above it, a bit smaller. Her eyes open wide in awe. With this and the feeling of a breeze, she couldn't help but feel a bit more..
unstressed, at the very least.

"Welcome to Tengoku my friend!" Shouts Roy.

Submitted: September 11, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Mardock. All rights reserved.

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