A Year Ago Today.

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True story of April 15th.

Submitted: April 15, 2011

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Submitted: April 15, 2011



This story has probably been told many times, but in a different way every time, because many people were apart of this story, and many have told it. And I guess you could call me a main character, but I didn't always feel like I was, however, either way, this story will always stick with me, this story is a part of my life. 


One year ago today, on a cloudy April 15th day, was where our story begins. I was having an amazing day, I was doing The 30 hour Famine with a few friends of mine, also we had been doing 'Lit Circles' as the teachers call it, a group of three girls including me were reading 'The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle' we had finished our book, and our project and were now ready to present it to the class. We dressed up in funny costumes, and acted out parts from the book, with funny accents of course. We had done well, and it was so much fun to present our project. 


Later that day I had met the schools guidance counsellor because the past few weeks, my mom, had been in the hospital, dying of brain cancer. Since the summer of 2006 she had been battling with different kinds of cancer, she tried everything she could to stop it, but it wouldn't go away, for four years I had to watch my mom suffer, four years, my mom couldn't really take care of my brothers and I very well, but she still did an amazing job in raising us, she supported me through every aspect of my life, she had always been the best mom a girl could ever have. So when my personal life and my school life started to intertwine, I needed emotional support, which is what I got. The counsellor was very nice, and it felt good to let all my feelings out, because I had always bottled up my emotions. 


That day I was supposed to stay at school until 9:00 PM because of The 30 Hour Famine, when I got a note from my teacher telling me that I was to go home at 3:00, and my neighbour would pick me up, I knew instantly why, but I didn't want to believe it, I could feel tears starting to trickle down my face, but I forced them away, I couldn't tell anyone, but how could I be sure that what I thought was true? 


My neighbour picked up my brothers and I from school. Now I couldn't stop the tears, I asked my neighbour what happened, she lied and said that she didn't know, that she was just the messenger, I later found out that my dad had asked her not to tell us. When I got home, I dropped my school bag and books to the floor, I saw people sitting around the table, people I had known quite well, they were all crying, tissues in hand, tears streaming down everyones face. In the middle of the table was a picture of my family, it was a beautiful picture, and I always thought that when you look at the picture, your eyes would go to my mom, I guess you could say she was the focal point of the picture. I only took a few steps when I felt like someone had punched me right in the stomach. What I had thought had to be true, what I knew wasn't just in my mind, my biggest nightmare, had become my reality. My Aunt had sat the three of us kids down on the couch, holding us close, my dad sat down near us, and so did many others. The only words I could seem to come up with were 'What happened?' Yet I already knew, my mom, had died of cancer. I felt so weak when I stood up, I cried and cried, and it didn't help that I was doing The 30 Hour Famine.


I begged to go back to school, I told them that I needed to be with my friends, they didn't understand, but they let me go anyways. When I got back to the school, some of my friends were doing The 30 Hour Famine as well, I went to the gym where everyone was, I could only find my one friend, so I told her in tears, she led me over to where my other friends were, I was still in tears, and we went into the hallway. I could tell that they were concerned, and some looked a little frightened. Somehow, someway, I needed to tell them. 'My mom died.' Was all I could seem to say between sobs. And now, April 15th, is always a day I will remember.

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