Hold on to faith

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Faith works miracles.

Submitted: October 04, 2011

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Submitted: October 04, 2011




Life is not a wall to lean on, or is it a bed to lie on,

‘Cos just like a rose though classy it seems like hell it feels on the skin,

But when it pricks you, though you may bleed,

You wouldn’t die if you’re truly human.



Trouble may be closing on you; and pain a step beside you,

But a glance before you though brief it may be, can save your soul from the pit,

‘Cos when you look up, though you may blink,

You wouldn’t cry if you have faith.



HE said, that no wall would be too high for you to scale,

And no flames would be too fierce for you to come,

For the rope of faith would always be in your reach to hold on to,

But FAITH like a ladder can break down if you don’t keep it strong,

Like a pillar it can collapse if you weigh it out with doubts,



For HE would always make a way for you through the glowing flames,

His arm of hope would never stay away from you,

But you’ve got to hold on to the rope of faith he’s given you,

To survive when the darkness comes alive.


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