A scene really most idyllic...

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A Winter's Picture!

Submitted: March 16, 2008

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Submitted: March 16, 2008



A scene really most idyllic...

A scene really most idyllic,
Soft and powdery snow.
Covering sooty footprints,
Making faces glow.
Frosty breath hangs in the air, 
As people greet each other and then on their way go!

Ladies elegantly dressed, daintily choose their way,
Icy patches do not easily help heeled boots to grip.
Men walk almost as guardedly,
Hoping they won't slip.
Children haven't a care in the world,
They don't care if they might trip!

Horses wear a heavy blanket,
With cloths tied around their hooves.
If the snow is soft and powdery it really is such fun, but...
If the ice has got a grip, they have to follow previous carriage grooves!
The thought of a warm stable, a bag of oats and hay and a rub down,
Will the pace improve!

Dark grey skies promise more snow,
So fires are kept going - for as long as there is fuel.
Making warm light spill into the street,
They hide the fact that winter can be cruel.
Savoury smells float on the air, beefy stews... fresh bread...
And for the poor - simply gruel!

Yet - still it IS a pretty scene,
Making people long for 'values way back then'...
But really it's all an illusion,
Hiding the hearts of children, women and men.
What can SEEM idyllically presented to the human eye, is revealed to God,
Who alone can 'Look upon the hearts of men'!

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