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A dear friend's life, before losing his battle against cancer in his fifties!

Submitted: March 03, 2008

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Submitted: March 03, 2008




A giant of a man was he,
yet soft of voice and gentle of manner.
A rare and special breed was he, a 'man's man' -
yet not afraid to cling to Christ's Banner!
Universally loved, universally liked,
by all who ever met him...
Because he let them be themselves,
'airs and graces' didn't impress him...
His love for Pam was plain for all to see,
she radiated happiness and contentment daily.
They lived their marriage as God Intended it to be -
not just in love, but with mutual respect and humility!
He Blessed their union throughout their lives together,
in every way He could.
Because they lived their lives together for Him,
He kept His Promises to them as He Said He would.
Their joy was crowned when their daughters arrived,
dear Nicola first, then dear Kathryn.
Both grew up knowing individual, unconditional love,
through their parents, from their Creator above!
Then John arrived and married Nicola
and Rebecca soon was born.
She brought such sunshine to Alcwyn's life -
a foretaste of Heaven for him to hold!
A special heart for children, they'd flock happily to his knee,
a sight to behold was seeing Alcwyn holding a tiny baby tenderly!
And what of all the friends he drew around him in his life?
A lasting sense of peace, a joy de vive, 
a warm glow of prililege that we had a share of his love and his concern, 
with his family, his daughters and his wife!
What now for Pam and their daughters and families?
A life time of special memories...
to have and to hold within their hearts, until the day 'The Veil' draws aside
and Alcwyn again is by their side.
Throughout his life he worked of others,
obeying his Master and his LORD.
Right to the end, his compassion never failed,
now resting - free from pain - 
"Well done, dear Friend!"  Jesus must have said.

© Copyright 2018 Margi. All rights reserved.

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