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God's Use of The Prophetic!

Submitted: February 06, 2008

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Submitted: February 06, 2008




Calling forth...
The day and night,
God Created the firmament bright.
Next, He Called the sea and sky
And the land He Called forth by and by.
He Called the grass and plants and trees,
Continually seeded, His Eyes to please!
The sun and moon and stars so bright,
He Set to mark the seasons, day and night.
The waters He Filled with aquatic life,
The skies were suddenly abounding with birds and insects rife.
The land He Filled with animals, reptiles big and small,
And Gave each one of them a mate, to please them all.
Then to Crown His Success, He Created man and woman,
To rule the earth for God, was His Plan.
And so God Saw that ALL that He had Called Forth was good,
And so He Rested in Reflective mood.

Calling forth...
Through history,
Dreams and visions, brought into reality.
Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob too,
A list so long, these names are just a few...
Hannah, Samuel, David, Solomon, Esther, the list goes on,
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Elijah, Elisha - Your servant, every one!
Simeon and Anna recognized Your Son, Jesus,
Called forth as a babe in The Temple to Free us.
A lowly birth could not prevent,
The Scale of Your Plan, or stop it being The Main Event!
In Your Holy Word immersed,
He became A Man Who was SO well versed.
Your Word the Breath of Life to Him,
He Called forth disciples to live for Him.
Simple, trusting, men and women, children too,
Who've turned the world upside down with You!

Calling forth...
Even today,
People, in whose hearts, Your Truth holds sway.
Dreams and visions, still You Give,
To bring into reality those who live...
With no other source than Your Word and Spirit,
Each has a time, a place - no limit!
Your Guardian Angels will deliver
Each Harvest Poured out like a river...
In lives where there has been SUCH a lack,
There's a mountain of Blessing, where the land was flat.
Jesus died to Set us Free from a mentality of poverty...
Whether spiritual, emotional, physical, financial... what ever it may be.
Your Spirit Speacks into our spirits and souls,
For us to speack out what YOU will Make whole.
So, Give us LORD, The Faith, Your Vision to see,
What in our lives, YOU want to Make a Reality!

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