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Laying our burdens at The Feet of Jesus! (Matthew 11:29)

Submitted: October 10, 2008

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Submitted: October 10, 2008




Calling me Gently by name... to lean upon Your Shoulder so Strong and True!
You Listen as I 'spill the beans'...
As hot, scalding, tears pour down my cheeks!
You Listen as words tumble over each other...
Spilling out in disjointed phrases!
You Listen - even though half of what I am saying,
Makes no sense at all to me!
You Listen... and Listen... and Listen...
Holding me Securely... to hear Your Strong Heartbeat...

Calling me Gently by name... to hear Your Words of Wisdom, Love and Peace!
You Speak of Your Eternal, Uncondtional Love...
That part of it that is for me alone!
You Speak Tenderly, Stroking my brow, Telling me that I can trust You to set all right -
Though at present I don't see how!
You Speak to me and my spirit stills and quiets,
As it responds to Your Holy Spirit and my heart Thrills!
You Speak to me and what ever reduced me to this state,
I can leave with You and know Your Word to me You'll Keep...

Calling me Gently by name... To speak Your Words of Love and be Your Peace!
You Call me to listen as others weep
(Even if tears fall only in the heart!)
You Call me to be Your Heartbeat to each tortured soul -
Not to view them from a judgment seat!
You Call me to speak Hope -
That I know Someone Who Will Love them and Bring them Through!
You Call me through Poetry to Gently show the brokenhearted
How to lay each burden down at Your Feet!
You Call me to express to the people of an often cold and cruel world -
That You are Truly 'The Lamb of God' and for Justice Your Banner IS Unfurled!!!

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