Children are SUCH fun you know...

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Children's Imagination!

Submitted: March 30, 2008

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Submitted: March 30, 2008



Children are SUCH fun you know...

Children are SUCH fun you know,
They have SUCH open minds.
They want to explore the world so big -
And have experiences of all kinds!

A duvet can be a fluffy cloud,
To fly high above the ground...
Or it can be the waves upon the sea,
Carrying our ships towards treasure waiting to be found!

A settee can be a steam train
And Granny can be the guard...
She may be doing her knitting,
But she can pretend to wave her flag hard!

Grandad can dig for treasure,
Being a pirate bold...
It may look like he's planting onion sets,
But really he and his 'motley crew' are digging to find gold!

The garden can be a jungle,
With monkeys swinging through the trees...
So what if they look like teddy bears?
Use your imagination if you please!

The sandpit is a desert,
Waiting to trap unsuspecting souls...
What's that  on the far side of the horizon?
Is it a paddling pool, or a water hole?

We're nearly through our adventure,
There is a rugged mountain to climb...
Once we've reached the top,
Our tents we'll pitch, falling into slumber sublime!

As sleep kisses our eyelids,
We can see angels with flaming swords...
We can rest in Peace till the morning,
KNOWING Jesus' Sent His Guards!

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