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Compassion's Work! (Written for a 'Comic Relief' book in 2001.)

Submitted: March 30, 2008

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Submitted: March 30, 2008




Compassion comes from The Heart of God,
It turns grim times around.
Whether through earthquakes... wars... famine... floods... crimes... epidemics... or bereavement...
It makes other people's generosity abound!

Compassion Flows like a Healing Stream,
To wipe away tears and Soothe hurts away.
It can't be bottled, or sold, or stolen,
Its work makes fears melt away!

Compassion can be Show at the most unlikely times,
In the most unlikely ways.
It has Saved so many frightened souls,
To Live out unexpected days!

Compassion Speaks when Justice Calls -
When it Looks on a truly repentant heart.
It offers Redemption and a slate wiped Clean,
A Chance to have a completely new start!

Compassion knows no boundaries, 
It roams throughout countries far and near.
It doesn't care about the colour of skin,
Or allow the thought of other cultures to bring fear!

Compassion wants only to Lift bowed heads,
No matter what the cause.
To spread Unconditional Love far and wide,
To bring Healing, Laughter, Hope and Peace of mind of course!

Compassion for many is encapsulated in Christ Jesus,
God's Loving Gift of His Son to the world.
You'll find so many of His followers, Guided by His Holy Spirit,
Working quietly... commitedly... where ever evil's banner is unfurled!

Compassion wants no recognition,
To Bring Love is all Its Aim!
Yet... where ever It Flows like A River,
The world will never be the same!!!

© Copyright 2018 Margi. All rights reserved.

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