DEAR DAUGHTERS... (A Letter Poem.)

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Our daughters! Written in 2000, the girls are now fifteen and eighteen.

Submitted: February 26, 2008

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Submitted: February 26, 2008



DEAR DAUGHTERS... (A Letter Poem.)

Dear Daughters,

I've never quite worked out what Daddy and I did to deserve you, but I am SO thankful to God for Blessing us with the privilege of being your parents!

You are 'as different as chalk and cheese' in some ways, in others you are like twins!  One red/gold head, one blonde; one exhuberant, one more reserved.  Yet both have the same outflow of love from the heart, always caring, always sharing!  Full of fun and giggles one minute, demure young ladies the next!  There is certainly NEVER a dull moment when you are awake!

Your childhood SEEMS to be racing by, yet... we KNOW it would not be fair to try to extend its natural course.  We try to enjoy each moment that we are Granted to share with you!

Helping you to learn HOW to make right choices is not always easy - stepping back when consequences have to be born can be hard!  Yet... lessons learned NOW will be easier than if they have to be learned later in life.

You have inside each one of you a PRECIOUS GIFT, unique to YOU.  It is 'self' - that part of you which makes you WHO you are - no matter where life leads you, or who you meet, do NOT sacrifice your 'self'!

You have A Friend within you, The Holy Spirit, let Him Guide you, He will NOT fail you, OR forsake you, let Him Sing His Song of Love over you.  Do nothing to make Him sad... and you will be able to walk through this world with your heads held high!

God put SO MUCH Thought into Creating you BOTH; you are both a JOY and a DELIGHT to Him, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, AND US!!!


Daddy and Mummy

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