Five tiny babies I've held in my arms...

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My love for my children!

Submitted: March 11, 2008

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Submitted: March 11, 2008



Five tiny babies I've held in my arms...

Five tiny babies I've held in my arms,
Each one a Precious Gift, bringing a glow so warm.
Unpainted canvases to watch being coloured in,
To love, protect, stimulate and try to encourage!

Each one so individual in so many ways,
In how they sailed through babyhood into toddler days.
What a lot of happy days, carefree as can be,
Excitement, fun and exploring, within firm boundaries!

Playgroups broadened their horizons,
Encouraged making friends.
Physically they grew and grew -
And in confidence too!

Schooldays brought a mixture,
Not every one was happy.
But learning is part of life,
As is dealing with daily strife!

Three sons have left school days far behind,
Their paths are still individual as cna be.
Two daughters of school age,
For them, Christian Home-schooling was the key!

I've made mistakes over the years,
Like so many families, we've known tears.
Yet... like so many parents,
I could only do MY best!

Parent-hood is 'hands on learning'...
Little teaching is available before...
So many of us just keep 'soldiering on'...
Hoping we'll be forgiven when the job's badly done!

Five people loved -
Even when we are far apart!
God Given... SO PRECIOUS...

(Written in 2001 - only one daughter now still of school age!)

© Copyright 2018 Margi. All rights reserved.

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