God Created me...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Kenning.

God Created me...

God Created me, from this poem 
Can you guess what He Created me to be?
I travel the world and am totally Free,
But no one can EVER see me!

When moving slowly, I am gentle,
When at full strength I'm monumental.
Some try to harness my power,
But when they fail they probably glower!

Little children like to play,
Using their toys as I pass their way.
Adults also like to use me,
To try to get from A to B!

From country to country I journey,
From flatland, to mountain, or valley.
I go where I please,
To bring warmth - or to freeze!

When I am strong I go on the rampage,
My strength has nothing to do with my age.
I'm old as time, 
God made me sublime...

At least that's what I think -
I can be gone in a blink!
Have you guessed who I am yet?
What a shame I can't bet!

I can make such a din,
Put your head in a spin.
Or choose to tease,
Or beguile you if I please!

You can't buy me,
You can't catch me.
What a show,
Where do I go?

Where do I start?
Where do I end?
Have you guessed?
Or are you puzzled still my friend?

(A Kenning - The Wind!)

Submitted: March 01, 2008

© Copyright 2022 Margi. All rights reserved.

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