In the North of Wales is the 'Swallow Falls'...

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All that makes up Wales and its people!

Submitted: March 16, 2008

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Submitted: March 16, 2008



In the North of Wales is the 'Swallow Falls'...

In the North of Wales is the 'Swallow Falls'
And many other waterfalls.
They cascade down lush mountainsides,
Sparkling and tinkling as my memory recalls.

The little trains of Wales,
Chug up the mountainsides.
One romantic journey ends
At the beautiful Tallillyn lakeside.

Sandy beaches, pretty bays,
Surround the coast of Wales.
From north to south the valleys run,
Their beauty never fails.

The beauty of this little land,
Is reflected in the people.
Tragedy has often come from many, many sources,
But the land is dotted with tiny chapel steeples.

For Wales took Jesus to their hearts,
Again and again over time.
They express their love in music and song,
The valleys and hills ring with music sublime!

Like people the whole world over,
Who've known real tragedy...
The people of Wales know The Suffering Servant,
His Love and Beauty sets their hearts free!

Their lilting speech and welcoming smiles
Are generously spilled out.
Though other faiths have entered the British Isles,
In Wales "Jesus!" is still the victory shout!

So if you long for Peace...
And rest...
Treat yourself to a visit
To this land of music and song.

© Copyright 2018 Margi. All rights reserved.

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