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Difficulty in believing that God Loves us, in hard times!

Submitted: January 10, 2008

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Submitted: January 10, 2008




It's hard to believe when we are hurting,
When our dreams SEEM to crumble and die!
When we've opened our hearts and trusted
And reached up in prayers to God on High.
Yet... our prayers SEEM to fall on deaf ears -
Or maybe God's just asleep...
After all many clamour for His Attention,
Perhaps He Holds our dreams cheap?
Why, oh why, should we bother?
When He doesn't SEEM interested at all?
We try and we try to reach Him,
So why doesn't He Answer our call?
Darkness wells up and surrounds us...
Black despair engufs us... and pain.
Didn't He Promise always to Love us?
Then why do we SEEM to pray in vain?
He Promised that He'd never leave us,
If we only believed in His Son.
Well - we've stuck to our side of the bargain,
So what else could we have done?

Yet... the problems of life pile on top of each other,
Like tall chimneys soar to the sky.
The weight on our backs increases and grows -
And we SEEM to do nothing but sigh!
The trouble with us human beings is -
Impatience and a very deep need...
To be loved for ourselves, even as sinners,
And often filled with self-greed.
We can't see the overall picture,
That God in His Love Sees of us.
When we are rocked on the seas of misfortune,
We forget how often He Shows His Love.
It's day by day that He Shows us,
Through things that we cannot see.
The things that we tend to take forgranted,
Like love, truth and honesty.
And even if these things are missing,
Snatched away by others, or events...
It doesn't mean that God doesn't Love us,
Just that somehow the free will that He Gives us was wrongly spent!
Wrong choices made by people we knew -
Or maybe by people we didn't!
Have caused a root of bitterness to grow,
From a seed of doubt - "How can God Love ME?"
Words of pain unspoken - tears unshed - anger squashed flat -
Love crucified within us!

If we can't face our crosses, from the past, or the present -
Where e'er they may be...
Then God cannot Work in our lives now,
As a signpost for others to see!
If they can't see the change that He Brings,
Where would reassurance be?
What could show other people who follow,
That God Loves us and can Set us Free?
"All have sinned and fallen short of God's Glory!"
Some just feel worthless and left out - unable to 'get the joke'.
How can God Show them what they are worth -
If none from experience can speak out?
So we must face our crosses with courage,
Like The Man from Galilee.
For who would have remembered The Son of God,
Living in a palace, pampared and rich as can be?
He Knows the doubts that torment us,
For satan tempted Him too!
"Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?"  He Cried Crucified -
"My God, My God, why have You Forsaken Me>"
Yet... though doubting HIMSELF, He still Followed,
Trusting in God to See Him through!

Like Him we must always be honest with God,
Leave our hearts open for Him to See.
For He will Understand all our feelings,
Love us just the same and Set us Free!
For He isn't some sort of ogre,
Who delights in seeing us in pain...
But a Dear and Loving Daddy,
Who will Help us again and again!
So when we are feeling deserted -
Though it's hard to believe through our pain -
Yet... His Love is Forever Constant
And - like the sun - bursts through after rain!
So we must give Him our discouragement
And imagine He's Holding our hands.
For of one thing we may always be certain,
God - through Jesus - will always Understand!
Oh yes... it's hard to believe when we are hurting,
When our dreams SEEM to crumble and die...
Yet... if we choose to trust Him,
We will win through to His Freedom, YOU and I!!!

© Copyright 2018 Margi. All rights reserved.

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