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Genesis 39-50

Submitted: February 19, 2008

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Submitted: February 19, 2008




What a shock I had when my brothers sold me,
I'd gathered by then that they hated me - but slavery?
I was bought by Potiphar to serve him in his house,
I decided I'd serve my God through him, I wouldn't grumble, or grouse!
I always did the best I could, whatever he asked me to do,
So he treated me kindly and - in time - his respect for me grew...

He made me the head of his household,
Until I upset his wife.
I couldn't betray his trust in me,
So... she promised to ruin my life!
What could I do but trust my God,
To bring me through the strife?

I interpreted a dream for Pharaoh's chief cupbearer,
News of his release was to him a relief!
I interpreted a dream for Pharaoh's baker,
Sadly his dream held nothing for him but grief!
Because The LORD was with me,
The prison warder's distrust of me was brief!

Then... Pharaoh had two troubling dreams,
That no one could explain!
The first of seven thin cows, which ate seven fat cows,
But... thin they did remain!
The second was of seven thin ears of corn, which ate seven fat ears of corn,
But... they were still thin heads of grain!

The cupbearer finally remembered me,
I was called to prophesy...
Seven years of plenty, seven years of famine,
God Used me to foretell to Pharaoh by and by!
Pharaoh saw that God was with me -
In all of Egypt second only to Pharaoh was I!

For seven years of plenty Egypt stored her grain;
Would the second part be fulfilled by my prophetic claim?
Then the famine came... and as foretold by me, for seven years did remain -
News of our food supply widely spread my fame!
God Used the famine to reunite me with my brothers and my Father,
When to Egypt for food they came!

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