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Agape Love!

Submitted: March 04, 2008

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Submitted: March 04, 2008




Love is unconditional so The Bible says,
So why has it got so many conditions on it in oh so many ways?

"I'll love you if you show me how much I mean to you!" -
 Where did love go?

"I'll love you if you pay my bills!" -
It's money that's needed here the heart trills!

"I'll love you if you'll love me, even if I kick you when you're down!" -
The partner of this person could easily drown...

"I'll love you if you'll love my family!" -
Love is between two, not twenty-three!

"I'll love you if you'll grit your teeth over my bad habits!" -
Each one produced like a magician's hat filled with rabbits!

"I'll love you if you'll let me be myself!" -
But don't expect this person to do the same for you...

"I'll love you as long as you are a credit to me!" -
This person only wants a 'fashion accessory', or a 'trophy'!

"I'll love you...
Just as much when we've both gone grey...
When everything is 'sliding south for the winter'...
When we can't 'trip the light fantastic' all night long...
When our joints compete on the Richter Scale...
When we have to 'snuggle up' more than making 'whoopee'...
When we are out of touch... out of time... in the eyes of youth!"

This is LOVE, this is COMMITMENT, this is God's Grace in a marriage - 
Agape Love in action!!!

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