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God's Revelation for each of us through our love for each other!

Submitted: February 29, 2008

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Submitted: February 29, 2008




"Who am I?" You ask me, 
"What use on earth am I?"
For years you've struggled on your own...
with no one to love you... not knowing why!

You met me and I met you... 
trust blossomed deeply between us two...
Love followed quickly...
though neither of us knows why!

Love and trust 
help us to fly so high...
I can't answer for the others...
or say why they couldn't see...

The 'you' that God Revealed to me...
or the 'me' that God Revealed to you...
But there in lies God's Will for us...
a love to last till the end of time!

Sometimes it SEEMS that it is easier not to love...
it SEEMS to cause less pain...
Yet... that's not true, 
getting involved IS worth it, for our love supreme to reign!

God Loves us Deeply, 
we both know that is true.
We know the world is fickle, 
that other loves have changed...

That greed, anger and self-pity,
have other lives re-arranged.
But I am me and you are you,
we don't have to be like others - me and you!

For in each other's eyes we are special,
with a love so rare!
What matters most to both of us, 
is that of each other's love we are aware!

The sun would shine less brightly...
the sky would be less blue...
If we were not together, 
under God's Heaven, me and you!

I'll show every day of my life, 
how happy and proud I am to be your wife...
So please don't question the reason why -
because my love for you will never die!

(Written March, 1987 - just before we were married!  Despite all that life has thrown at us we are still together and still love each other!)

© Copyright 2018 Margi. All rights reserved.

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