LOVE. ("Love, love, love!" The 'pop' stars sing... )

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Agape Love, as God Intended, between men and women!

Submitted: March 09, 2008

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Submitted: March 09, 2008




"Love, love, love!"  The 'pop' stars sing,
The ballad and crooners silvery notes ring.
Songs, books, films and plays are full of 'love',
But... it bears no resemblance to The Gift from God above.
Sex for sex's sake, more often than not!
Manipulation, distortion, perversity, degradation and humiliation are often in the plot!

Parents love their children and long to see them 'fly',
From the cradle to the last school day, they nurture and supply.
To know that they've helped create a tiny life,
Brings such a glow and as they grow, it remains even in strife.
The pleasure and the pain are plain for all to see,
Unconditional love will ride the 'highs and lows' in any family!

Children secure in their parents' love
Catch a glimpse - even if unknowingly - of their Heavenly Father's Love!
When tiny they are treated tenderly
And... as they grow and mature... they are guided... but learn to be free.
Their home is a haven where they can return, 
Not a cage, or a prison, to escape from which they yearn!

Two people meet and - suddenly - others fade out of sight!
Their spirits touch... and witness to their souls - this is right!
Trust blossoms and deepens, romance is in the air,
Though life's problems may try to stop it - still they remain a pair.
Until that Blessed Day when God Joins them as man and wife,
Tenderness, respect and love... even should problems try to cause strife!

They've learned individually from Jesus, Himself,
Their worth in His Eye - knowledge more valuable than all the world's wealth!
They lay down their 'rights' every day for each other...
And... in doing so they richly discover...
The Blessings of God Poured out from above,
A home Blessed with Peace, mutual respect, delight and love!

This is love...
As love should be... 
Not simply a song...
For a day... 
But a lifelong...
Blessed Symphony!!!


© Copyright 2018 Margi. All rights reserved.

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