MY DADDY! (When years ago a Christian I became...)

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God's Patience as He Revealed His Father Heart of Love for me!

Submitted: February 11, 2008

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Submitted: February 11, 2008



MY DADDY!  (When years ago a Christian I became...)

When years ago a Christian I became, 
I willingly took on my Saviour's Name.
He'd left me in no doubt that He Lived and Loved me,
His Holy Spirit's Love I knew - two out of three!
It's The Father Heart of God I've struggled to accept,
At avoiding deciding about His Offering I was adept!
I loved my Jesus for His Sacrifice,
But... I didn't think a Father Who Allowed such Suffering could be very nice.
In a poem long ago, I wrote a line that "I'd NEVER understand!"
Little knowing, one day God would take the matter in hand!
In the meantime, He Patiently Poured out His Love to me,
Through Jesus and The Holy Spirit - two parts of His Trinity.
Many years later, our baby daughter He Snatched from death,
Sending Jesus to her as she struggled for breath.
Easter Week and I knew He was Asking me to say,
"Thy Will, not mine!"
Nervously I did my head incline...
I knew that doing so could possibly mean goodbye,
But... somehow I knew that my trust would be rewarded by and by!
On Maundy Thursday, before the break of day,
His Light Streamed into my spirit... the scales from my spiritual eyes fell away!
Our baby many painful tests endured,
"I'll stay with you!"  I'd murmured.
Needles punctured her tiny hands and feet, 
As blood tests the doctors did seek.
Then one - into her bladder - larger than the rest,
It was like the spear that pierced Jesus at the last.
Silently crying, I held our baby's hand, stroking her face,
I'd have done ANYTHING at all to take her place...
Into my spirit, my Heavenly Father did Speak...
"Now YOU understand that day so bleak!
 YOUR punishment My Son so Gladly Bore...
 To Reach YOU for Me, His Life's Blood He did Pour!
 Yet... in a way, because We are part of A Trinity,
 I too was on that Cross at Calvary.
 Then, when He Rose from the dead to come Home,
 The third part of The Trinity was Freed to Roam.
 At last YOU understand why I Allowed Jesus to die for YOU,
 It Cost Me Dearly, YOUR life to Renew.
 Never doubt... never fear... simply come and draw near,
 Our Love is YOURS year after year!
Yet... even after this... my Heavenly Father has had to work so hard,
To get me to accept it in my heart... to lower my guard...
From that moment on I knew it in my spirit you see...
But my heart was another matter completely!
Still... the seed was sown and - over the years - God has Shown,
That He's my Daddy and His Love for me, is mine alone...
And... as a result my love for Him is His Alone!

© Copyright 2019 Margi. All rights reserved.

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