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Submitted: February 12, 2008

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Submitted: February 12, 2008




"Come, Walk with Me!"  The Master Said,
Gently Lifting up my head...
He Walked and Talked and Laughed with me...
His Gaze, so Pure, Twinkling Merrily!

He Took me on A Tour of His Land,
Guiding my arm with His nail-scarred Hand!
Each Step He Took.. with His nail-scarred Feet...
Left Beautiful Flowers... with A Perfume so Sweet!

Although it took no effort at all,
We SEEMED to climb a mountain tall!
Where we Beheld A Panoramic View,
Of African... Arabian... Caucasian.. Indian people - to name but a few!

A patchwork of faces from every land,
Turned as one, as He Lifted His Hand!
Chattering... smiling happily...
They Worshipped Him... and Welcomed me!

"Another of My Beloved has come,
 Her work is o'er, her race is run!
 Each of you, who are Precious to Me,
 Spend some tiem with her and show her love for ever Free!"

And so into The Kingdom I was Welcomed in,
With Love, Smiles and Hugs, my heart was full to the brim!
Everything was perfection... no ugliness here...
It was nothing to do with how things looked - just that evil could not draw near!

No illness... no pain... no tears... no death...
Just... Health... Vitality... and Peace... Drawn in with every breath!
Plants and animals, insects and birds, all nature was here,
The best the world had held had been a pale reflection it would appear!

Then I was Led to A Hall of Splendour,
Such as I had never known!
My Father... Who Created me...
Embraced me, Saying... "Welcome Home!"

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