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Entry into God's Family and Heaven are based soley on Jesus! Based on John 16:9

Submitted: April 08, 2008

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Submitted: April 08, 2008




There is A Place of Grace for me, 
within Your Family.
It's not by works, or mighty deeds, it's totally Unconditional...
based fully on Your Love for me!
There is no rhyme, or reason, 
beyond my heart's cry to You...
Within my very darkest hour, 
on the wings of Your Dove of Peace You Flew!
You Knew my heart, even then,
quite unbeknown to me!
For Daddy God had Created me, 
with a portion of His Heart of Love Hidden within mine.
This seed lay quietly growing, 
'midst 'weeds' planted over time.
In spite of the 'prince of this world's' insistance,
You'd Say, "Hands off!  She's Mine!"
There's no other explanation 
for the change You've Wrought in me...
Hope has continued to flourish,
'midst danger or distress.
For my Hope is based Fully on You...
not on a pastor, a vicar, an elder, or anyone else!
My Hope is focused Fully on You...
on Your Beautiful Face of Love for me!
My Hope is centred on Your Compassion for me...
The laughter we've shared and the love that we've shared ~
and the tears!
There is no human, or money, 
that can provide what You Give me.
For when I am in Your Place of Grace,
I walk through this world ~ and any situation ~
with Love, Grace, Dignity and Integrity!
These priceless jewels were mine to have,
storred within my heart.
My spirit's eye kept focused on You,
Your Message of Love I can impart...
To this world You Loved engouh to die for,
which is drowning in a sea of pain...
My heartbeat becomes Your Heartbeat,
lost souls we together can reclaim...

So, if YOU are reading this poem,
take Hope from the words herein...
Jesus Knows YOUR heart
and He's Calling to you ~
"I Love you, please let Me in!!!
 Accept Me as The Sone of God,
 believe Me, there is NO other Unforgiveable sin!
 My Father Loves you dearly,
 which is why I've Searched you out...
 To Remove your fear... or anger...
 any hurt you've born... and any vestige of doubt!
 Things that  the people of this world struggle with...
 are simply a search for Me!
 A hunger ~ although they don't know it ~
 that can only be filled by Me!
 I Love you, I Love you, I Love YOU, 
 My Dearest, Friend of Mine.
 Listen to My Heart for you
 and in My Name Shine!
 The darkness covering My Beautiful World,
 Causes Me Sorrow deep within.
 Because others distort My Message of Hope
 and major instead on 'sin'.
 There is NO Unforgiveable sin in My Father's Eyes
 beyond unbelief in His Son.
 For tasting My Love for you will Set you Free,
 as nothing else has done...
 The 'prince of this world' carries the judgement 
 for anything wrong you may feel you have done.
 As you learn to know My Presence,
 from addictions I'll Set you Free!
 For... in all the world there is nothing
 that can give you the same 'buzz' as knowing Me!
 I have A Place of Grace for YOU,
 within God's Family.
 Like Margi, YOU can experience My Love,
 feel alive and totally Free!
 Let judgement stay where it belongs,
 its yoke I want to Lift from you Eternally...

 My Yoke for you is My Spirit of Love,
 It's Light as Thistledown!
 It Sparkles with My Love for you, 
 It Guards you with My Compassion.
 It's the only Armour you'll ever need
 and who knows ~ you may start a new fashion!
 I Love you Unconditionally,
 there's nothing I don't Know about you.
 Who you are... where you've been... 
 things that others haven't seen!
 I Love you and...
 I'm Calling you, to listen to My Heart!
 I Love you and ...
 I'm Calling you, please don't depart!"
 I'm Calling you to an Adventure;
 your life will never be the same!
 I'm Calling you to Learn to know Me
 and to carry My Name!
 I'm Calling you to hold My Hand, 
 to learn to hear My Voice!
 I'm Calling you to Heaven's Throne Room Door, 
 to peek inside My Father to see...
 Then I'll Proudly Throw It wide and Say,
 "Hey, Dad!  Look WHO I've got with Me!!!"
 He'll Look and See within you,
 A Portion of His Heart.
 He'll Throw wide His Arms  and Run to YOU...
 His Face Radiating with Joy for YOU...
 Crying, "Welcome Home!  Please don't depart!"
 We'll Show YOU to YOUR Place of Grace
 within Our Family.
 We'll Minister to YOUR pain and grief,
 bringing YOU True Relief!
 We'll Pour Our Grace Out upon YOU,
 With Our Patience, 
 We'll Walk you through anything that has bound YOUR heart.
 We'll Bid the 'prince of this world...  "Depart!"

 IF in the future He tries to rear his head,
 IF you should still happen to let him win,
 remember... unbelief in Me is the ONLY Unforgiveable sin!
 Come to Me... don't stew in shame...
 Come to Me... and Trust My Name.
 I AM your Counsellor, no other must be,
 let Me Pour My Love over and within...
 Nothing else will set you Free as I can do!
 I AM your Sheperd,
 you'll learn to know My Voice ~
 and as you do you'll make right each choice!
 I AM Patient... I AM Kind...
 I AM Loving and Compassionate...
 you'll find!
 I Love you and as I do... 
 you'll learn to Love Me...
 And... as you do....
 you'll learn to walk totally Free!
 Like Margi ~ and other in My Family ~
 Who Know My Voice,
 you'll Shine as A Light in this world for ME!!!

© Copyright 2018 Margi. All rights reserved.

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