Nobody's Perfect

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Life's Rough. Reality's Rough. But he comes and enlightens your burden , you just gotta trust while giving it your all and let God do what's gotta be done ...

Submitted: October 16, 2017

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Submitted: October 16, 2017



°Nobody's perfect Neither am I I believe God catches every tear we cry For he has the journal of how we're living everyday and yet he loves us in every single way For I know I'm dead and a slave of sin God is alive and of love for will always win Yea there's a lotta why's, how's and questions that lead to hatred and hate even from you mouth to be confessed But yes he gave his one and only son to die for sins done by us human and still today he can't imagine loving you less

°When you're ruined and down which makes you feel to cry He'll be the one to pick you up and give his last pair wings for you so you can fly When people treat you like dirt only treat them like gold Remember you'll be rewarded for being that bold And God doesn't come with a fork forcing you to repent He just wants to show you his big love at the end.

°Patient , kind , not boastful , no jealousy How can God be there for you if you don't allow him to be?. Only Trust him as much as small as a mustard seed Because he'll give the rest of the effort because just that little bit of trust he need

°No no doesn't mean that life will be all rainbow and sunshine The deeper your relationship with God the more the demons will want to kill your little light shine But isn't that how love work but this time only resisting the broken trails There will be a lending hand if you feel like you're gonna fail

°Trust, Hope, Love, Faith Is all you'll need to have B.E

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