S.O.S. (A shipwreck caused my arrival here...)

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Desperation from a desert island!

Submitted: February 29, 2008

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Submitted: February 29, 2008




A shipwreck caused my arrival here,
Far from home and all those I hold dear!
Such a beautiful place to be,
Lots of sand beside the sea.
I tried to fish... oh what a mess -
The line I made out of my dress!

The sun, so hot, beats down all day,
Clouds very rarely stray this way...
To find a drink is not so hard,
But food - I'm not just hungry - I'm starved!
To catch a lizard is not easy -
Like snakes they make my tummy queasy!

Spiders really aren't my scene,
And scorpions - well I just scream!
Not being a monkey, I struggle to climb trees...
Besides... the fruit is theirs' if you please!
So I scratch around to find what I may -
What I'd give for a steak today!

I shiver allnight and sweat all day,
My attempt at a shelter fell away!
Really I need a DIY man,
So, please God, shipwreck one for me, if You can!
He'd keep me warm at night and protect me by day -
Please, oh PLEASE, send one this way!

But if a human hand should find my bottle note,
Please... take me from here in your boat!
'Desert Island Discs' they can keep!
I'd swap a feather bed in which to sleep!
It's beautiful here... I'll grant You that God -
But I'm obviously a 'home comfort' bod!!!

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