Seventeen years have passed me by...

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Jesus' Drawing me along The Path that He wants me to follow! Written 2001

Submitted: April 06, 2008

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Submitted: April 06, 2008



Seventeen years have passed me by...

Seventeen years have passed me by,
Since first I felt Your Touch.
It SEEMS like only yesterday -
Though I have changed so much...

In those days I was a coward,
Which brought a grief so deep.
I wouldn't stand up to anyone,
At the least sign of strife and into my sell I'd creep!

From childhood days I'd learned to hide,
When ever men would shout!
Fears followed me into adulthood,
Always wary of receiving a clout!

It brought me to a precipice,
I was so sure of falling...
I whispered Your Name -
Not even sure if You were really there to hear me calling!

You Touched me by Your Spirit,
FLOODING me with Your Love.
Although I couldn't see Your Face,
I knew You were Smiling at me from above!

You Gave me courage that summer long ago,
You Taught me how to Gently say, "No!"
You Showed me such Patience and Spent time with me,
So that by Your Holy Spirit and Word I could grow!

My mistakes didn't matter, 
For You KNEW my heart.
You'd simply Whisper Gently,
"Try again, never fear, I won't depart!"

Lovingly You've Led me along Your Path
That's just for me.
I'm MORE in love with You, Jesus...
And one day, Your Beautiful Face I'll SEE!!!

© Copyright 2018 Margi. All rights reserved.

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