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Our love!

Submitted: March 03, 2008

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Submitted: March 03, 2008




We'd met at a disco in November,
And somehow passed by as ships in the night!
Then, in August, we again found each other,
You were so handsome all dressed in white!
Your red gold curls were so lovely,
I longed to run my fingers through them... but was paralyzed by fright!

A frown wrinkled the bridge of your nose,
As you struggled to remember my name!
When your memory kicked into action,
Your smile melted my heart in its flame...
From that moment I was yours
And always will remain!

We talked and talked for hours,
And danced and danced the night away!
I'd never felt so at peace with a man,
Usually part of me was ready to run away...
You treated me like a person, not just talking 'chat up' lines,
Your sparkling eyes and sense of fun persuaded me to stay!

You sat me on your lap on a windowsill,
Pretending I was a puppet, talking through your teeth!
We kissed on a wobbly wall, as a milkman passed us by,
Was it the earth, or the kiss, which shook the bricks beneath?
Those days were oh so special, as they swiftly passed by,
Each one a Gift from God, a voyage of discovery, entwined like a floral wreath!

Fourteen years have passed since then,
Bringing a pot-pouri of laughter, joy, sorrow and tears!
Yet... all through our life together,
God has deepened our love throughout the years!
He Gave me that summer night long ago:
My soul mate... my husband... my lover... and - next to Jesus - the best friend I've ever had!

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