Contemplating the role of donkeys in Jesus' Life!


The donkey ambled slowly along the dusty road,
Head down, purposefully following the gentle man leading him on.
The slight form sitting on his back was dozing,
Uncomfortable in her late pregnancy, but so exhausted that sleep had won!

The donkey nuzzled the straw that filled the manger,
Tired though he was, he watched the tiny baby sleeping soundly.
He breathed with determination, trying to warm the air around the babe,
So cold was the night, but he coudl play a part profoundly!

The donkey twitched his ears, as another journey began,
The babe had grown and now delighted in patting the donkey's head.
To another land they must travel this time -
If the babe was not to be murdered in His bed!

The donkey waiting quietly in the street,
Had never been ridden before this day.
Yet... it accepted The Man Who wanted to Ride upon him,
Quietly, with dignity, he too had a part to play as he carried The Man on His Way!

The donkey didn't understand why everyone was making such a fuss,
Lots of men rode donkeys into the city...
People cheered, waved palm leaves, laid coats upon His Path,
So much happiness - and yet the donkey noticed that some looked on with anger, or with pity!

The donkey was being led out of the city,
Past a sorry sight...
Three crosses on a hillside stood forlornly against the night sky,
He didn't understand of course, but somehow tension and sadness affected him as he walked on by!

The donkey returned some weeks later,
Lots of people were milling around as usual...
Only this time SEEMED to be different,
There was talk of Someone being Raised from the dead... of Miracles and Life Everlasting!

Submitted: January 17, 2009

© Copyright 2022 Margi. All rights reserved.

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