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Prophesy for a spiritually and morally bankrupt Government?

Submitted: January 31, 2008

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Submitted: January 31, 2008




I Gave you power, 
You bring shame to My Name!
I Gave you a broken nation to restore and maintain,
You turn your back on Me again and again!
I Gave you opportunity to transform...
A grieving nation to wake to a new dawn!

To lift the oppressed from the pit they are in, 
But all you've done is throw more in!
Lives are wrecked and hearts are breaking every day,
Coldly and uninterestedly you turn away!
'Lip service' is all you pay to Me,
To this nation you have brought tyranny!

The elderly, the destitute, the sick and the lame,
You turn from them daily to your shame!
They are in a pit dug years ago
And you don't care - you'd rather show...
Care for those with godless ways,
Give them respect and their heads raise!

You chose to serve Mammon, whilst pretending to know Me,
But people anywhere can see -
It's all just rhetoric; you don't know Me!
For if you did you'd 'bow the knee'...
To those who have much - you've given more,
To those who have hardly anything - you've closed the door!

My birthday you're using to your own gain, 
A senseless dome that won't remain!
I'll bring it down as I'll bring down you;
Retribution is coming to the heartless, privileged few!
You'll scoff at this and say, "How quaint!"...
BUT empty Words of Mine these ain't!!!

My Arms of Everlasting Love will Reach into The Pit and Lift
Every man, woman and child out that you've set adrift...
Their heads bowed low with pain and woe,
I'll Lift them out if only to Show -
The proud and the haughty in this land,
That what they have IS by My Hand!

To those with much, much is expected,
You laugh and scorn at this, those who rejected...
This basic Word of Mind, Laid down to Free,
The oppressed in this land - no matter what their poverty may be!
It isn't just financial, it's knowing people care,
That when misfortunes come, help will be there!

Nye Bevin had a glimpse of My Open Hand,
And so a safety net he created throughout this land.
The ones who abuse it are MY Concern,
To ME they will answer and they will turn.
The Safety Net I Created, through Nye Bevin, you have shrunk,
Unfortunately with power you are drunk, drunk, drunk!

I, Alone, will Bring Peace to Ireland, but you claim it's you,
You've also dabbled in Israel, well... I'm Warning you -
Go to The Bible and read what I Say:
"Those who try to bring peace to Israel will rue the day!

Now, back to this land I've Entrusted to you,
The Pit will stand empty, waiting for you!
My hurting people in it of every race and creed,
I'll Lift them out and Protect them from your greed!
Each of them had a point of need,
Neglected by you so that Mammon you could feed!

This is My Warning - ignore it if you dare!
The Pit will be filled with the godless, so beware!
I'll Fill it in when I've Thrown in you,
For the misery you've caused to thousands in favour of the privileged few!
I AM The Rock and I'll Cover the hole,
So beware - or in The Pit you will lose your soul!!!

(For our labour government, originally led by Tony Blair, who have turned their backs continually on the very people they are supposed to represent and serve, in favour of the world of big business - at least the conservatives are honest about their agendas!)

© Copyright 2018 Margi. All rights reserved.

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