There's 'A Land of Hope and Glory'...

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England's Christian Heritage!

Submitted: April 06, 2008

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Submitted: April 06, 2008



There's 'A Land of Hope and Glory'...

There's 'A Land of Hope and Glory',
surrounded by the sea.
It once stood for justice and good values -
despite a chequered history!
So many influences stormed its shores,
some brought good some brought ill.
Its people, oh so varied, 
managed to live together in reasonable unity...
But in recent times, 
devolution is more and more the plea!
Tolerance and compassion 
SEEM to have flown away...
Distorted views and intolerance
SEEM to be the order of the day!
There is no rhyme, or reason, 
beyond selfishness and greed -
Oh yes... 
Bigotry is another of evil's poisonous seeds!
In spite of ALL our faults, 
Great Britain WAS looked on with an envious eye... 
Why have we let go of all that made us great?
Why do we we look on others' motives
with a jaundiced eye?
The Bible has taken second place
to the T.V. guide...
In fact, it usually has no place at all...
If it does... then when visitors come... The Bible we hide!
To try to see the future - looking in a crystal ball -
or tarot cards, or rune stones, what harm can there be at all?
Dancing naked round 'Stone Henge' - or any other venue, so what?
They're all having a ball -
actually what does it all recall?
Witchcraft and sorcery... worshipping other gods...
to name but three!
BUT... talk about The Word of God, 
or True Prophesy and you'll be put in a 'straight jacket'  and never set free!
Only The Prince of Peace can heal our 'Land of Hope and Glory',
Christ Jesus' Banner held high on these lands surrounded bu the sea!

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