"To have and to hold..." The minister said...

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Fourteen years of marriage! (Written 2001)

Submitted: March 16, 2008

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Submitted: March 16, 2008



"To have and to hold..."  The minister said...

"To have and to hold..."The minister said.
On the day fourteen years ago, when we were wed.
Such hopes we shared on that happy day,
Golden sunshine outside...
In the church the flowers made such a wonderful Easter array.
Shared with so many friends and family,
Photos captured smiling faces, smiling happily!

Our honeymoon was blissful,
No other word will do.
Each night and day was full of love,
God Showered such Blessings on we two.
Deliciously fulfilled as we learned to give and receive,
Two souls as one, all too quickly our honeymoon flew!

The following years have not been easy,
'For poorer, in sickness, for worse' SEEM to have had the upper hand.
Yet... through it all, God has deepened our love,
No matter what problems we face, we have risen above them as He Planned.
Struggling can be so very hard, when every day SEEMS so bleak,
But I'd rather struggle alongside YOU than have a life so grand!

Your smile, your touch, your very being,
Are so necessary to me.
Not because I couldn't manage alone -
I did it, by God's Grace, before I met you when it was necessary.
Since first we met God has Woven us together,
Even our lives before we met had experiences 
that help us to understand each other ultimately!

So many couples SEEM to vei up at 'the drop of a hat',
Would any think us wrong if we became like that?
Probably not, but who's to say?
Instead we continue to love, support and trust for golden days.
The 'downside' of the marriage vows will be gone,
The 'upside' will be ours for a God Given love that has shone!

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