Toasting bread, or crumpets...

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Growing up in the 1950's!

Submitted: March 16, 2008

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Submitted: March 16, 2008



Toasting bread, or crumpets...

Toasting bread, or crumpets, 
on a fork by an open fire.
Spreading farmhouse butter 
and home made jam - yummy!
Great Granny black-leaded her kitchen range,
before cooking breakfast for me.
In winter, the frost turned fire flames blue,
pictures I saw there imaginatively!

Granny used a washboard and pestle
and dolly tub to do the family wash.
Fun for us to try to help -
but hard work for her by gosh!
An iron, heated in the fire,
melted the creases in clean clothes away.
Cold meat, pickles and bread for lunch, 
then back to the washing without delay!

No Hoover to clean the floor,
only a brush, a dustpan and wet mop.
Floors were wooden, or tiled, 
with rugs scattered here and there.
Winter evenings were spent
cutting old clothes into rag pieces...
Mum hooked them through old Hessian sacks,
making a rug beyond compare!

No central heating warmed the house;
frost patterns were INSIDE the window panes!
Stone, or rubber, hot water bottles warmed our feet -
sometimes causing chilblains.
An outside toilet across the yard,
was not exactly fun...
With torn-up newspaper, on a string, 
with which to wipe my bum!

On market day going to town 
was full of excitement for me.
All hustle and bustle -
and faggots (savoury ducks) and a jug of hot gravy for tea!
Or maybe sausages, or bacon, 
with Cheshire cheese and onion dip - yummy!
Fish and chips came in newspaper, 
back then much more scrummy!!!

We could play all day, without a care,
no worry about strangers of whom to beware.
Summer walks among fields of wild flowers,
blackberry picking anywhere.
Picnics were the best, 
watching huge steam trains thundering by as they puffed smoke into the air.
Buses for journeys too far to walk,
ecstasy was a train ride - joy beyond compare!

Sundays people went to church, 
sitting on a hard, wooden pew.
When people died, 
they lay in a coffin at home for people to view.
Christmas time at our grandparents,
was really lots of fun...
Lots of visitors, bearing gifts, 
the food was scrumptious as it filled my tum!

No television, computer, videos, 
or 'game boys'...
Songs around a piano, or organ... playing games...
listening to the radio... were our sources of fun!
Life wasn't always easy, 
but I wouldn't trade those years...
I thank God for each one!!!

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