What a pretty winter's scene of days so long ago...

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The reality of winter!

Submitted: March 16, 2008

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Submitted: March 16, 2008



What a pretty winter's scene of days so long ago...

What a pretty winter's scene of days so long ago,
Darkened skies above the trees - promising more snow!
Yet... would it have been as picturesque in reality,
Or is it only idyllic through our sentimentality?

It looks so very pretty, but... the truth would have to be...
It brought in its wake for many a tale of misery!
For the depth of the snow would mean bitter cold temperatures,
With no central heating, it meant calamity!

Pretty, frosted patterns upon the windowpanes,
But when the frost is on the inside - cold comfort can be gained!
Coughs and colds and chilblains, bronchitis and pneumonia,
All creep upon those who have no warmth!

With little - or no - anaesthetics, broken bones such pain would bring...
No wonder so many fainted... before even an arm could be put in a sling!
So many illnesses now mostly are gone that were rife about that time,
Like... smallpox, diptheria, scarlet fever, too many to mention all in this rhyme!

Hansom cabs and horses seem romantic as can be,
But families lived closer then - for the main part - so distance and time were not so much the object possibly!
Could all that SEEMS so important now, 
Be delivered by a horse and cart?

Infant mortality was horrendous -
Even for the nobility.
Large families were had, not for fashion,
But to try to establish the next generation you see!

Washday must have been a nightmare,
As fingers in the water froze!
No spin-dryers, or tumble-dryers, 
The wind... a candle flame... or fire bare... to dry the clothes!

What a pretty winter's scene,
Of days so long ago...
But I'm really not so sure
I'd want to swap you know!

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