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We are Jesus' Glory! (John 17:10)

Submitted: October 06, 2008

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Submitted: October 06, 2008




"YOU are My Glory!"Jesus Said,
"I want you to know it in your heart, not just your head!
As you learn to walk with Me,
Others will a change in you see!

It's not by might, or your own strength,
That you walk with Me in length.
It's learning how to hold My Hand,
And trust Me to Lead you to 'The Promised Land'!

It's trusting Me - when all SEEMS lost!
It's trusting Me - no matter WHAT the cost!
It's trusting Me - to Lead you home!
It's trusting Me - WHERE EVER I may Ask you to roam!

There is no 'magic formula' to lead a Christian through,
My Way is INDIVIDUAL, 'tailor made' for each one of you!
My only Insistence is that you bear My Name,
Then learn to trust Me, no two paths will be the same!

My Ways are Higher by far than any of you could guess,
All I Ask is that you love each other, especially in times of stress!
A true family nurtures as children grow,
In times of difficulty, even more love they sow!

How much more should My Family in times of crisis see,
My Unconditional Love and Support Offered for Free?
My Grace is Sufficient when It's Practised with ease,
It Will Hold Secure any soul that I Please!

My Glory isn't practised in 'Biblical Principles',
But in My Love, Compassion and Acceptance, which Hope Instils.
It Gives My Precious brothers and sisters an Anchor in any storm,
Which Will Hold them more Securely than any rule, or form!

My Glory Works Clearly, for all the world to see,
When Christians look at each other and try to see ME!
When they know that what ever problems a life may hold,
With Grace, Love and Patience... MY GLORY WILL SHINE IN IT LIKE PURE GOLD!"

(John 17:10... and so they are My Glory!")

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