Unknown Relations

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Finding a father.

Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011



I have never met my father who I thought was dead, but recently I found out that he is alive. I feel scared for him because he is being held in a foreign prison. I also hate him though because of the fact that he left my mother and I. Since he is my father who I desperately want to meet, I think I should try to help him. First, I tell my mother the situation, and we try to find where the foreign prison is. It is in Guam we soon learn. My mom doesn’t think we should help because of what he did to us, but I do.

Later, we actually find ourselves on a plane on our way there. I convinced my mother to help out. I hear the policemen argue in a foreign language. Neither my mother nor I know what they are saying. As they fight, I look around and notice what a dump this place is. The walls are off-white and chipping. There is a toilet here that looks absolutely disgusting, and the beds in the cells look so small that my dog wouldn’t even fit in them. Suddenly, I hear a man, but I can understand him. He is speaking clear English. I look around to see if I can find the man that is possibly my father. I nudge my mother, and she starts to look around too. Then, the policemen look at us and say something that is inaudible. We start to walk around with the policemen closely behind us. I see him. He is shaggy and dirty looking. I look toward my mother to see that she is speechless. It looks like she knows this man. As he sees her, his mouth just hangs there. The policemen watch us, and look at each other confused. I soon realize that this shaggy-looking man is my father. I see how much pain my mother has in her eyes. She is crying now too. I really don’t want to put her through this. I look back at the policemen.

I hear one ask, “Tu conoces este hombre?”

He asked, “Do you know this man?” I answer, “No.” My mother and I walk away. I guess I will never know my father.

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