Seven Rockets

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Just a glimpse of a future from the eyes of a flowerman.

Submitted: August 16, 2010

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Submitted: August 16, 2010



Seven Rockets

He began to imagine the realm of reality she might have shown him had it been possible that the laser gun that was advertised in the TV was procured during the time they had the same interests as some roaring in the sky resumed. That is not to say that they lost interest with what they had been interested in before, what really happened, he was still interested in her but she had some little thing to take care of. She – W – was now taking care of H than him. Worsetta, no matter her name, has always been the best. He has been the best for her too, that much he inferred from the way their minds kissed. Until this man – H – came and took her away like she was some kind of a lowly being. No one is lower than this H, whose name he doesn’t really know or would want to know, for he stole her. (But given the fact that she let him steal her away to his “castle” makes her lower, but hey, we’ve already established that she has always been the best – even this low –she is still the best.)

As the rocket began to fill with people, snakes and some other beings visiting the earth, they – W and H – boarded it holding each other’s hand. He didn’t really see them board the thing for he thought why would he waste his time paining himself from watching them from a distance imagining he was holding her hand and they were about to board the giant phallus to some place richer than the Earth. He then wished that he was wealthier than his country or like how rich H was which was approximately seventeen times richer than his country and as rich as the Earth it seemed from his poor perspective. If anybody thinks that life would change in the future, well, to some extent it does get better but to everything else it gets worse than what we could comprehend.

No matter the advancement of the world, making the universe smaller through rockets and portals which could be compared with ships and planes respectively and all the rage are holographic nanophones (which are still not yet included and accepted in the 78th edition of the revised Merriam Webster Digital Dictionary – probably due to a glitch) that are embedded in the eye so that a creepy projection from it would flash before you when someone is calling. That’s something creepy when two of those nanophones ring at the same time when riding an electric mirror train. Anyways, some things still stay the same like the stars they caught in museums and some plants. Good thing they did have the intelligence to think of preserving those amazing lights and organisms.

Tonight, they visited him as if they were his friends. “Well, she is, but not this H. Besides, he is not even human! He’s just a good looking human replicate! I bet he doesn’t sweat at all and his grin shows those machine-made teeth, pearly white like the gates to heaven. I hate him, like those humongous solar powered hats. Senseless alien. I bet he doesn’t know anything than count money. With his perfectly shaped body (genetically altered, of course) he seems to shine. What atrocity he is, he will never be human. I’ll double my bet that he has never had any gender until that thing saw W.” he thought to himself grinning a little at the sight of the moronic smile the alien posed.

He didn’t want to let them in for he was disgusted by the thought of letting those who ‘betrayed’ him come and invade the last possession he felt was exclusively his but they were persistent. He stood from his bed, leaving his daydreams hanging on the warm surface of atmosphere of his room. He opened the door and there they were. There she was, standing in front of him, he felt naked and ashamed with the way she was looking at him – she stares so deep like it penetrates his being. H raised a hand without lines which looked more like a glove than a palm as said hello like a cow – a long “hellOOO!” bellowed from what he supposed was a mouth. Clean teeth and eternally mint smelling. What a huge fake this guy is he thought. He slapped the hand that was raised to produce a clap sound that made H and especially W jump. He managed a smile and let them in his house.

They stood in the living room with awkward silence. He stared at him and wondered if he has a cat, like the one in the old alien movie where the entire universe was in little marble which everyone aspired to have. Worsetta was still beautiful despite the little lines that were now showing in her face. It has been that long since everything has come to this. She still looked like a plant he thought whenever she wore clothing that has a brown tinge to it. Plus her hat with a flower on top, now that really looks like a tree.

Breaking the awkward silence, she began “We’re leaving on the fourth rocket.” Thinking she may save the situation from being all stupid and lame.
“Oh.” He said, trying to help her. “How many rockets are there?”

“Seven.” H promptly answered as to pitch in a little aid. Then he smiled. His smile made it awkward again. And to make amends for his creative destruction, he opened his perfect mouth and began. “You know we picked the fourth rocket out of occupational hazard.” Adding a little he-he, he ended with an even longer smile.

“Oh really?” he said trying to enthuse himself for the sake of everyone.

“Yes, as a politician one should always have a good sense of timing.” He cocked his head to the left like a dog then continued, with a smile of course. “We are not too early or too late. For if there come something unspeakably wrong, with the first rocket, we can be advised and nobody wants to be late you see, especially a politician.”

He was still smiling which made him think that he should have had asked those who made his face to grow his chin a little wider. W interrupted the ‘pleasant’ conversation they were having by asking H to get them a drink and meet them by the garden. H nodded to her and to him. Unsurprisingly, he knew his place – for it was once theirs.

“I’m glad you kept the garden.” She said as they entered the moist room. It was the only room that did not have the smell of metal, rust or hydrochloride.
He just smiled at this for he knew that she knew the answer why he kept the room. “Does he own a cat?”

“What do you mean? Henry?” she didn’t look at him when she asked. She was captivated by the bloom of the roses she once grew as an experiment. She closed her eyes and approached the delicate roses and sniffed them as if she was also talking to the flowers.

“Henry, is that his name?” he stared at the way she moved around the flowers.

“Yes. And no, he doesn’t have a cat. Why did you ask?”

“Uh… nothing, I just thought that he was a cat person.” He said smiling.

She brushed the remark away or she did not get what he conveyed and asked “Are you sure you’re not coming?”

“I am pretty sure. Besides, I have work to do here.” Then he spread his hand to indicate the flowers that were on a long table which they were standing in front of illuminated by a yellow and comforting light. “You wouldn’t want your work to be spoiled don’t you?”

“I guess.” She was not looking at him.

“Have you seen him?”

“What do you mean?”

You know, his face his alien face. He looked at W and pondered on her face so close to a flower. No big difference there he thought. Is he green? I know you’re a sucker for the color green, Worsetta. She was facing him now with an inquiring expression. No matter how long it has been, she still sends a monkey in his chest to pound it crazy like a drum. How tall is he actually? What would your child be like? His hands twitched and wanted to take her with her expression of innocence in his arms and plead to her that she not leave and stay with him here with her flowers and with him. “I miss you.”

She shook her head. “Stop that Reich.” With her black eyes she was peering deep in him.

A little wind wrapped them with the sweet scent of roses. He snuffed the drugging scent and gave a smile to reverse any effect the last three words did. She was still looking at him. Behind, the door opened. Not knowing what to say, she shook her head then looked past him. He didn’t mind who it was, he was looking at her, probably the last time in person. “You’re too late.” she said suddenly, looking at him.

“What?” H said. Smiling he approached her and gave a bottle and another to Reich. “Reich was out of stock so I went down and ordered us these.” He smiled again which was followed by two more smiles from the two human beings in the room full of flowers.
I decided that she tore my world apart like a paper where you wrote your very first poem and some evil teacher reads, folds it neatly in the middle then opening it again and it just tears it in two, then four then eight pieces in front of you. It has been seven years. I have nothing against her. It’s just that it’s really difficult. Although nothing is wasted, beside my heart which I offered her in my stupid silence thinking she can read minds, everything will be okay now. Maybe saying that I miss her did the trick. I should have said I killed my life and grew the last of the roses for her alone.

The rockets blasted up the space between the lands they were standing in to some other place they would land. There was an interval of sixty minutes for every rocket launch. The first three flew up like reverse shooting stars. He was holding a bottle of cheap alcohol in his hand which he planned to drink when the fourth rocket was to launch. The way he would down it was to direct it to the rocket and raise it simultaneously as it launches and let it fall in his mouth half wishing the rocket then might go with the bottle and crash with a loud bang. The bottle was now half empty. He was the only one on the hill where they once planted with grass and some little plants. What a great view it could have been if only the situation is different.

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