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This poetic collection introduces us to something most valuable what Maria Deyana offers from her bouquet of verses, carefully guarded and cherished. Like a great verse adorer she reminds on a passionate moonwalker that on the highlight of day and night stubbornly searches for light and warmness not just for himself, or his nation – but for all the people and nations of the world. In that search through narrow paths in foreign, but also in reality of nowadays – hers and ours common every day, happens that emotions grow too big, that rhythm maximizes, so the verse stumbles; but more important than this artistic (un)perfection is emphasized humanistic engagement… From the poem “THE MOMENT OF DEATH”:

Submitted: March 12, 2007

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Submitted: March 12, 2007




Everything is calm. Like in the moment of death

On the old clock hand-hours stopped

Warm fallen tears

Prone on the top


The bell moans in the sadly sound

It's time. Incenses spread fragrances

I ran with my arms outstretched

To the dove that gooks from the tower


And I saw, on the altar of the holy paradise,

The soul that rises to the sky

And the light that strongly connects

Angels and songs


Everything is finished.

The night shines warm, the same

Lights shine in the distance

Just the Christ's warm hand

Smoothers my forehead in silence

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