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The human mind- Oh what a wonderful and warped mystery.

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011





It was a sunny Friday, warm and fresh. Last day of the week, semester and school-working year.  The presence of excitement for tomorrows Prom was harshly evident. A little too harsh for me I guess.  As I walked by, always unnoticed and hidden by the shadow, no matter how bright the day was, they were all just involved in him, like they always were. There was something about that marble smooth Caucasian face that the sunlight just adored. The way his pale blue eyes turned to sapphires and the way the light reflected astonishingly over that thick brown hair. Jonathan Lytar his name was, captain of the football team and most popular boy in school. He was the only person in the world who completely disgusted me and the only person who took my breath away.

He has never directly spoken to me, but the evidence of attempt and wanting to, lingers whenever he passes by. The most prevalent hint thrown over me was when he and his friends ‘accidently’ burnt my hair during Chemistry. It was evident he wanted my attention, that’s when he got it. It’s only till tonight Jonathan, just tonight…

Prom, oh how I hated you and the humiliation and abuse you brought along with you all these years, but this time, the tables will surely turn. I walked into the Astoria, clutching my bag, I walked by the dozens from my grade, they didn’t notice more that a cold breeze of air flowing through. I stood there, waiting outside Ball Room 2, an hour, or maybe just a few minutes, I didn’t know, it just dragged on. The door then opened; finally he walked out in that fitting tuxedo and into the deserted parking lot. He looked troubled and tensed as he brought out his lighter, but I would ease that worry. He turned around and gave me a fear driven expression…

The glint of sharp stainless steel, the flash of brilliant scarlet red, and a scream, not more of agony and pain, but of pure bliss and happiness…. fulfillment…

His eyes opened and his perfect features twisted in confusion as he looked at me while we lay there holding hands amongst the entire hullabaloo. ‘What’s going on here Gina?’ he asked me. The poor boy so lost and confused, it made me chuckle. ‘Don’t you see? We finally made it Jonathan, now nobody can have any criticism upon us, we are free..:)’. His blue eyes widened with fear and shock as he realized the reason for the sobbing of his friends, hysterical behavior of his family and the blinking of the red ambulance light. I was pretty much stunned as he yelled out loud, unable to move and with no one to hear his voice. ‘What’s the matter now Jonathan? This is what we always wanted, this was the only way.’



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