Natures Trap

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Hope: It's the beacon of light on a stormy winter day.
When you think it's all going to end, always remember, that's the moment you start believing.

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011




Natures Trap.

The floor was immensely cold, I knew my behind was numb and a stinging pain shot up my head. My breath came out in short, un-rhythmic gasps. My face was dry and looked like someone had sucked out all the water from me. My woolen cap covered my iced ears and my snow goggles yet perched on my swollen red nose. ‘Red nose’ I thought and chuckled, I probably looked like a perfect imitation of Rudolf right now. I was shocked that I actually had the ability to crack a joke at this point of time, I must be losing my mind, and the cold was definitely getting to me. I felt like I weighed 500 pounds or more, due to my bulky snowsuit and rigid and numb body. How my brain yet functioned was an absolute miracle to me. Then again, for all I know I might just be dead; nothing seemed to make any sense what so ever. My muscles were tired and I was pretty sure my toes had gotten a frost bite, actually my whole body could have gotten one, I couldn’t tell the difference, but now I couldn’t care less, after hours of trying and constantly failing, this seemed to be my perfect fate.

I figured that God was not in a hurry to call for me, so I might as well involve myself with something else. The only thing I went back to was the sunny summer back home in California, oh what a bliss that was. On my surfboard, hitting waves. It wasn’t long before my mind diverted and came to today. I know it was my fault that I was here, but not my fault that I was stuck here, spending my last few moments paralyzed and thinking about my fate.  Well I am of the adventurous sort, surfing, mountaineering and such is what I live for. That’s why a few friends of mine and I thought it would be exceedingly pleasurable to go visit the Alps.’ What was I thinking then?! ‘ Is all that comes to me now. Well all set and excited we reached and began our climb from early in the morning. We were trekking all day, shooting our journey, clicking pictures, having snowball fights and sipping hot chocolate, which ofcourse didn’t remain hot for long. Well, as evening dawned upon us and the sun refused to be our torch, we decided to call it a night. We are on a mountaineering excursion, so instead of hard concrete rooms, we slept in canvas tents. Well the no rooms included not having bathrooms as well and I did nip a lot of water and it was excruciatingly cold, so you cannot prevent a natures calling then. I woke up and sought for an appropriate place. Alas, I found a small cave, so I went inside.

Suddenly, amidst all the quiet and peacefulness, I heard something that knocked the breath out of me; it was the sound of falling boulders. I ran to the opening and wished with all my heart that it wasn’t snowed in. Not all wishes come true… Panic struck me, all the way down to my little toe. I didn’t know what to do, I tried yelling for help, kicking at the wall, trying to dig an outlet, fell on my knees and begged the Almighty. It was no use. I was in there, all alone with my echo and panic to accompany me. Tears ran down my face like a flowing stream in spring. The cold was unbearable. I was weeping and helpless and sat down in dismay. The hours flew by; probably they were minutes, I didn’t know. I do not remember when I stopped weeping or when my body was struck with numbness. There is no outlet. I am yet stuck here, re-thinking my whole story and narrating it to myself with no one to hear, no one to bother. ‘ Ha-ha’ I chuckled; I definitely am losing my mind. My pulse felt low, my breath now weaker. I could feel my vision blurring. Just then, the most phenomenal thing happened. A ray of sunlight ran over me. I couldn’t physically feel it, but mentally I was in a blast furnace. ‘ Don’t worry Bob, we almost got you’ called a warm and familiar voice. Hope gushed through me like a water pipe filling my empty self with light and relief. I waited as they opened up the hole, for the first time in hours I was fighting for life. ‘ Quicker, quicker’ yelled my mind, as my lips were blue and glued. It was like light at the end of a dark tunnel and my escape from the un-escapable.


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