The Truth Behind The Enchanted Kingdom and the Dark Forest

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A story about family and the misuse of magic

Submitted: November 20, 2010

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Submitted: November 20, 2010



The Truth behind the Enchanted Kingdom and the Dark Forest
Once upon a time in a far away castle in the center of an enchanted kingdom lived a beautiful princess named Ariana and her two brothers, Prince Anthony and Prince Edwin. Their parents were King Edwin and Queen Maria.
The people of this kingdom loved this royal family so, because of the way they were treated. The family didn’t act like the townsfolk needed to bow to them, but treated them as equals. The royal children played in the town along with the town’s children, the Queen would do her own shopping in the town’s market, and the King treated the townsmen as friends, who would come to the castle to help the King out with repairs and just hang out. You see the King and Queen refused to have any of the townspeople as servants, so they tended to their household chores on their own. They did this to teach their three children that even though they were royalty and rich, they needed to treat others with respect and dignity.
In the dark forest lived an evil witch by the name of Carlotta, who hated how the people got along so well with each other and with the King, Queen and their three bratty children, so she came up with an evil plan to destroy this happiness and tranquility. After months of preparation, Carlotta was ready for her plan to be put into action. Using black magic and personal items she had stolen from the royal children over the past few months, she was able to clone Prince Anthony, Prince Edwin and Princess Ariana using evil creatures she concocted. The difference was these three royal children were full of evilness and bad thoughts, and the first thing they were told to do was to kidnap the real royal children and take their place in the castle.
Once the kidnapping was done and the three evil royals were in place at the castle. Carlotta’s plan to destroy all happiness in the kingdom was in full swing. First, the children stop helping out in the castle. King Edwin and Queen Maria could not understand why their three obedient children were acting this way. After weeks of this behavior the King and Queen were now at the end of their wits. They were now arguing all the time because of their children’s behavior. Oh, how Carlotta’s plan was working so well. Second, not only were the evil children acting out at home, but now they were lashing out their evil on the children of the kingdom in many different ways. They treated their friends with disrespect and malice, which in turn made their friends start acting out at home themselves. They played evil tricks on these same friends, many which caused injuries. This behavior went on for quite a while that the townspeople started keeping their children away from the Royal children. Last but not least, the evil Princes’ Anthony and Edwin started to steal from the people and then going around telling these same people that their neighbors were the one stealing from them, which caused mistrust and fighting amongst friends. The fighting led to injuries so severe that many needed medical attention, but in their perfect kingdom they had no one to tend to these injuries, so many of them suffered.
As all this mayhem was occurring, Carlotta was enjoying herself. You see the townspeople started to turn to her for help with their injuries and asked her for help to do evil deeds to their neighbors to protect themselves. They no longer trusted a King and Queen who could not control their children, so how could they trust them to handle liars and thieves, but there was one person who believed in his heart that these royal children were not the real royal children. His name was Adam. Our hero Adam took it upon himself to find the truth to the behaviors that occurred in his kingdom, so one night he followed the two princes’ out of the castle and into the darkness of the forest. To his shock he saw them talking to the witch Carlotta as if she was their friend. As Adam drew closer he could hear as Carlotta told Princes’ Anthony and Edwin how her plan was going so well and how pretty soon they would start their plans of getting rid of the royal family and taking over the kingdom while using them to take over the throne. He waited until the three were in the rundown castle in the forest before coming out of his hiding spot. Once he was safe in his home, Adam had to decide how to help the real Princes’ and Princess while making Carlotta and her evil children pay for all the mayhem they caused in this once peaceful and tranquil kingdom he loved so.
After days of agonizing over whom to turn for help, Adam decided to ask three people he trusted the most in his life. His two younger sisters Ayanna and Mikayla and his cousin Chyna. He sat the three girls down and explained to them what he witnessed in the forest. They couldn’t believe his story, so he took them to the forest one night after he saw Prince Anthony and Prince Edwin heading that way. After witnessing for themselves the truth, the girls pledged to help Adam in rescuing the real heirs to the throne. Little by little, their plan was put into action. Adam and Chyna followed the evil brothers through the forest every night, but on this one night it was different for they were joined by their evil sister and instead of going to the front of the castle they were heading to the back of the castle that led to the dungeon. “So that is where they are hiding them” said Adam. “Now what do we do Adam?” said Chyna to her cousin. “Now we follow them down and hope to stop them from hurting or doing worst to the real Princes’ and Princess.” Just then there was a noise behind them. Scared that they were caught, Adam and Chyna turned to run. When he turned to his delight he saw his two younger sisters standing there with the med from the kingdom accompanied by the King himself. When Adam asked how King Edwin found out, the sisters told him how they pleased with the kingdom’s men to help save their serenity by coming with them to see for themselves how the witch in the forest turned everyone against each other and switched the Royal children with evil children. Few men believed the story that these two little girls were telling, but a couple of them followed the girls to the forest to curb their foolishness and were surprised when they reached the forest and saw with their own eyes the witch ad the evil children plotting their evil plan right there in front of them. They ran through the dark forest back to town and told the rest of the townsfolk what they witnessed. The men all banded together and went to the castle to beg for forgiveness and pleaded with their King to help them defeat this witch and her evil children.
Kind Edwin and Queen Maria could not believe their ears. Queen Maria was so distraught, because she couldn’t believe that she didn’t see through the black magic and see that the three children that were living in the castle these past few weeks were not her children, but the children of hate. This upset her so bad that King Edwin vowed to make the evil witch Carlotta pay for causing such heartache and turmoil to his Queen, children and kingdom. So along with his friends, Kind Edwin went into the forest to find his true children. Now, here they stand in front of Adam pledging their assistance. The plan was to break into two groups with the first group going to the witch ad pretending to ask for help all the while fighting to capture her. The second group lead by Adam and King Edwin would go to the dungeon and capture the evil children while rescuing the real children. After waiting for the first group to go to the front of the castle, Adam and King Edwin lead the other men down to the dungeon. Once they got inside, three of the men, Market Owner Bob, Butcher Dean and Carpenter Jack broke away from the group to search for the real children, while the rest of the group looked for the evil children to capture them.
As her husband and the townsmen were out trying to find her true children, Queen Maria was at the castle being comforted by the wives of these brave men. She was crying and worried for the safe return of her husband and children, but also for the safe return of all the townspeople that pledge their help to their King and Queen. She was afraid because she knew they type of black magic this witch possessed firsthand. The real reason she knows about the black magic is because when Queen Maria was a little girl, Carlotta’s parents were the King and Queen of the kingdom. They treated the people as their servants and treated them with malice and disdain. The women were forced to clean the castle and tend to Carlotta and her parents, while the men were forced to keep the castle’s appearance up to par and tend to the crops and animals. As a little girl Queen Maria did not like what she saw and tried very hard to help the townspeople as much as she could without getting into trouble with her parents…..The King and Queen. Carlotta on the other hand loved being pampered. She demanded breakfast in bed, lunch by the garden and dinner on the balcony. You see Carlotta was Queen Maria’s older sister, who despised Queen Maria and blamed her for her downfall and demise.
As Queen Maria grew up she started to realize that things were not right amongst her family. Her parents spoiled her endlessly, but kept her sister at a distance even though Carlotta was more like her parents than she was. They never allowed the girls out of their sights, and the girls were to never be alone together. The truth was that the King and Queen were hiding a very big secret. A secret that could destroy all of them. Carlotta was a witch and not the real daughter of the King and Queen. Years before Queen Maria’s mother could not bore children, so one day a woman appeared and told the Queen that she knew of a young girl who was with child and was willing to give the child to someone who could provide for it and take care of it without asking any questions. The Queen was so happy to hear this that she informed the old lady to bring her the child once it was born without anyone finding out where this child really came from. Once the Queen was out of sight, the old woman changed to her true form. She was the witch that lived in the dark forest and just tricked the Queen into taking her own child once it was born, who would eventually grow up to know that she is truly a witch. The child was going to turn out to be as evil as her biological mother. The witch was going to use her own child to destroy the kingdom. As the months passed, the Queen grew worried that the old woman would not bring her the child promised to her.
In the spring, the old woman returned to the castle with a beautiful little girl in her arms, but before giving the child to the Queen, the old woman told her that when the child turns 18 years of age she would be back to talk to the Queen and King. The Queen was so mesmerized by this beautiful creature in front of her that she didn’t pay attention to what the old woman was saying to her and agreed to anything just to get her child. Once the Queen agreed to the terms the old woman handed over the beautiful little girl to her and watched as the Queen took this child to the King. The old woman again changed back to her true form and just smiled and laughed an evil laugh. Her plan was working now and in 18 years she would use that very child to destroy the kingdom. Through the years the Kind and Queen adored and spoiled the baby they named Carlotta with presents and a good life as she grew.
When Carlotta turned 18 years of age, the old woman returned to the castle as promised. The Queen forgot the agreement that was made with the old woman 18 years earlier and demanded to know why she had returned after so many years. The old woman just laughed as she turned into her real form in front of the King and Queen. After they realized she was the witch that lived in the forest, they were filled with fear and horror. The witch began to tell them the entire truth as to the heritage of their child…..her child. The child they had come to love and cherish for 18 years was in fact her child and a witch in her own right. The King and Queen could not believe their ears. How could the child they have cared and loved for 18 years be the true child of a witch? The King grew furious and demanded that the witch leave at once and never returned or be burned at the stake, the witch didn’t appreciate this behavior from the King and cursed him. She told him that this child would come to her and find out the truth and once she did, together they would bring the kingdom down. This scared the King and Queen, so from that moment on they never allowed their daughter out of the castle, which Carlotta never understood.
After 10 years of peace and tranquility, the Queen found herself to be with child. Carlotta was 28 years old and not happy at all. Carlotta hated the fact that now she would have to share the attention she received from her parents with a new childe and voiced her concerns to her father. Her father tried to assure her that their feelings for her would not change, but Carlotta could tell that they already had. Finally, 9 months later the Queen gave birth to a beautiful little girl with flowing black hair, angel like eyes, and flawless skin they named Maria. She was so different from her older sister. As she grew, her beauty exceeded Carlotta’s, the goodness in her heart overshadowed the evilness and malice her sister spewed at the kingdom’s people. When Queen Maria turned 21 years old she fell in love with a peasant from the village by the name of Edwin. He was an ordinary man who worked with his hands, but was extremely handsome. The King didn’t feel that a peasant was good enough for his daughter, but he could see how Princess Maria loved Edwin. That was enough for the King to give his blessing for a lavish wedding. There was one big problem though by the name of Carlotta. Carlotta felt that she should have this man instead of her sister, because she was the oldest and next in line for the throne, but the King and Queen forbad her from ever marrying at all. Carlotta never understood why, so she started to search for the answers to her questions. She always wondered why her parents treated her different from her sister even though the King told her years earlier that they would never treat her different. So Carlotta did the only thing she could…..she went to the witch in the forest for help to her questions.
The witch told Carlotta the whole truth of her birth and how it is she ended up living in the castle. Carlotta finally understood why things would burst into flames whenever she had one of her tantrums. Finally understanding her true heritage, Carlotta told her biological mother that she wanted to stay with her in order to make everyone pay for all that she feels that had done to her, hut the witch told her of her plans to take over the castle and the kingdom by using Carlotta. So together they formed an alliance to kill the King, Queen and Princess Maria. With that alliance they finally started to make their plan a reality, Piece by piece, Carlotta and her mother’s plan began to fall into place, but they didn’t count on two very important factors…..the love and unity that Edwin and the people of the kingdom had for the King, Queen and Princess. Prince Edwin as he was now known since marrying Princess Maria found out about this plan one night after following Carlotta into the forest due to the suspicions he had towards his sister-in-law. He ran to the King and Queen to inform them of the fact that he knew the truth behind Carlotta’s heritage. He assured them that he would keep their secret, but also informed them of Carlotta and her mother’s plan to kill the three of them, and with their blessing he devised a plan of his own with the men of the kingdom to capture the witch and Carlotta and make them pay for all the horrible things that were being planned for the royal family.
The King, Queen, Princess Maria and Prince Edwin continued to act as if nothing was wrong all the while putting their plan into motion. On the night Carlotta was to have committed the murders of her parents and sister, Edwin went to the town to round up all the men that had pledged their unity to the King and Queen. Once he had the med he needed, they returned back to the castle to put their plan into action. When Carlotta snuck her mother into the castle they were ambushed by the townsmen. Once captured, the witch was ordered to be burned at the stake by the King, but he didn’t have it in his heart to kill his eldest child. He ordered that Carlotta be locked away in the dungeon for the rest of her life. After Carlotta was secured in the dungeon, the townsfolk went to the circle to watch the witch of the dark forest be burned alive. From the dungeon Carlotta could hear her mother’s cried of despair and vowed revenge against all, beginning with the King and Queen. She managed to escape from the dungeon and went into hiding for a year.
After that year past and the King, Queen, Princess and Prince went on with their lives, Carlotta did the unthinkable…..she snuck into the castle one night, went straight up to the King and Queen’s bedroom and tied them up so as not to alert anyone of her return. After they were securely tied up, Carlotta began to recite black magic over them which in the end killed them. Once they were dead, she untied them and placed them in their bed to make it seem as if they were asleep. She proceeded to go to her sister’s room, but heard noises and fled. In the morning when the maid went to wake the King and Queen, she realized something was wrong with them, so she went to get the Princess and Prince. They called a medicine man to check on the King and Queen only to be told that it appeared they died of natural causes. In her heart Princess Maria knew that both of her parents dying on the same night were not a coincidence. She knew in her heart that her sister was back, but never let on to her suspicions not even to her husband. Little by little the kingdom found out about the death of the King and Queen. After a day of mourning, Princess Maria and Prince Edwin were appointed the new King and Queen of Enchanted Kingdom. They vowed to change the way of life for all. They released all the servants of the castle and gave them their freedom. They told them that they were to look upon the new King and Queen and their children as friends and equals, not as masters. By doing this the King and Queen were praised as the highest royalty that ever existed in their land.
Now 10 years later here sits Queen Maria praying for her children who are now in the hands of the very person she feared murdered her parents. As daybreak approached, the women could hear fighting and shouting coming from the forest, and then all of a sudden an orange glow shone in the sky. Queen Maria realized that her sister’s castle was now on fire, but were her husband, children or the townspeople hurt in any way? Would she ever see her children or her husband alive again? The thought alone was killing her inside and adding to the heartache she had carried for 10 very long years. In the deep of the forest, King Edwin, Adam, and all the other men were in a life and death battle with Carlotta and her children. Finally the good Princes’ Anthony and Edwin and Princess Ariana were safely on their way to the castle. When their mother finally saw them, she was very apprehensive at first. Once they proved that they were the real children, Queen Maria held on to them tightly. She checked them over a million times for any injuries, she kissed them over and over again, she gazed at them in amazement for what seemed like an eternity. Once she realized that her children were now safe in her arms she questioned them about their father, but the children looked at her in shock. They never realized that their father was out there putting his life in danger to save them. Once he realized this, Prince Anthony wanted to return to the forest and help fight, but the Queen would not hear of it. Here was Queen Maria surrounded by all the women and her children praying for the safety of the King and all the townsmen.
Now it is nightfall of the second night and still no sign of the men or their King, when all of a sudden the women heard noises approaching the castle. When the women ran outside followed by their Queen and her children, they were ecstatic to see that their men had returned. Some were injured very badly, but were alive. All the way in the back Queen Maria could see her husband and ran down the stairs of the castle towards him. They held each other for what seemed like an eternity, and then she informed him that their three children were safe and waiting for him, and then she realized just who was standing behind her husband….her sister Carlotta. Carlotta looked at her sister with malice and hate in her eyes and said nonchalantly “Well little sister isn’t this interesting? Your parents killed my mother, but couldn’t kill me. Can you bring yourself to kill your only sibling Maria?” Queen Maria, so disgusted by the sight of Carlotta ordered she be confined to the dungeon at once with 4 men guarding her. That evening the King and Queen celebrated the return of their children with a huge feast in the center of town. In the morning the townspeople begged the Queen for her decision concerning Carlotta. They needed to know that their Queen would keep them and their children safe from harm’s way.
After days in seclusion, Queen Maria went to talk to her sister. She needed to find out why her sister did what she did to her family. As Queen Maria approached, Carlotta smiled at her and hummed to herself. “So the little sister has come to ask me why right?” Queen Maria just stared at her sister without saying a word, then took a seat in front of her and began to talk. “Carlotta, why did you kidnap my precious children and try to kill them?” Carlotta turned towards her sister with pure hate in her eyes and yelled, “because of you Maria. Your parents and you killed my mother, but took pity on me because of love. Little did they know that I never loved them, I just loved the way they spoiled me, but all that changed when you were born and that is when my hatred began to grow.” Queen Maria looked at her sister with disdain and pity, which infuriated Carlotta. “Don’t look at me with pity in your eyes. Pity is what killed your parents. They were spineless when it came to me and that is why I killed them.” Finally, the answer Queen Maria had always wanted. “I have hated them and you for 10 years, because of what happened to my mother and because you got everything that was supposed to be mine.”
Queen Maria walked away from her sister still confused about what to do with Carlotta. Anthony realized the turmoil his mother must have been in, because he knocked on her door. “Mother, what thoughts are going through your head?” He said to her. “That I don’t know what to do with the truth Carlotta just told me or how to deal with her, that is my turmoil son.” Anthony hugged his mother for what seemed like forever and then said, “Mother I cannot tell you what it is you must do. The only thing I can tell you is to look in your heart and follow what it says.” With that Anthony kissed his mother on her forehead and walked out of her room. After a few hours Queen Maria came out of seclusion and announced that she had made her decision. She asked that everyone go to the courtyard and told the men guarding Carlotta to bring her also. Once everyone was there, King Edwin and Queen Maria accompanied by their children came to the courtyard. Everyone waited with weary for the announcement that could safe their kingdom or keep it under a dark cloud forever.
Queen Maria looked out at the crowd, at her family, and then at her sister who smirked at her. She looked out at the townspeople again and spoke. “Ten years ago my parents died in their sleep. We all assumed that it was natural, but now I know that it was not natural causes, they were murdered.” The townspeople gasped at the thought of the previous King and Queen being murdered. They demanded to know by whom. “The murderer stands before us today. My so called sister Carlotta murdered my parents, because of hate and jealousy. Carlotta and her children wrecked devious acts upon our kingdom and upon all of us as a whole and they must pay for it. Carlotta, for your act of murder 10 years ago of the two people that lived only to love and care for you, and for the act of impersonating my children, I find you guilty. Your punishment is DEATH. Death at the stake just as your mother died 11 years ago. That is what I call coincidence big sister.” Cheers and applause broke out in the crowd as Carlotta looked at the Queen with shock on her face. After a few minutes of cheers, Carlotta spoke. “How dare you? How could you bring yourself to kill the only sibling you have ever had?” Queen Maria just looked at the witch with disdain in her eyes and said, “You were never a sibling to me. You were a disease in our family that needs to be removed once and for all, Witch.” With that the guardsmen tied Carlotta to the stake and lit it on fire. As the fire burned, you could hear Carlotta yelling, “My children will avenge my death worst then I ever could have avenged my mother’s death.”
The following morning Kind Edwin and Queen Maria passed new laws in the kingdom. They appointed Adam as head of the castle’s first ever security known as the Knights of Enchanted Kingdom and allowed him to pick his own knights to work under him protecting the livelihood of the kingdom. They also informed all the people that for their safety, they have asked Carpenter Jack to rebuild their small village in the confines of the castle’s walls. They implored that all men, women and children help out in any way they could to make this possible. They also informed the children of the kingdom to look to their parents for help and guidance in understanding what it was that the witch did wrong and why she had to pay for her crimes. They gave the children permission to come to the castle if ever they needed to be reassured of anything. Once more thing they promised was to always treat them as equals like before and to protect them all with love and honor.
Now as for Carlotta’s children, who have now transformed back into their true form of Gargoyles, what of them? They now sat in their mother’s burnt down ruins plotting their revenge as they looked upon the castle they once lived in. At the same moment Queen Maria looked out her window from the castle at the ruins of what was once Carlotta’s home, asking her parents for forgiveness for what she did to Carlotta, and for the strength to deal with the hard battle that was to come when Carlotta’s children strike. The only question now is…………………When?Until that time she will live by the words spoken to the townspeople and protect them no matter what.

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