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My story is a non fiction and based on a true story

Submitted: February 02, 2017

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Submitted: February 02, 2017



FYANKIE felt rejected, anger dominated mind , her soul and her heart..

This was the beginning of her nightmare. She was forced to go and live with a lady called Julia. She was told by her great grand mother that Julia is her mother and it was not giving her sense at all. At the age of seven she couldn't figure anything out. All she had to do was complying with what her granny told her to do

She was in a state of confusion and not knowing what to do. As a small child she did not have a say on the granny PONE's decision. " I' love her so much. She is the only person I have known as a mother" she silently spoke to herself.

Without any delay of time her Grandfather ADOLPH put her clothes in his car and drove her to Rockville. It was the beginning of her nightmare.

A four roomed house, strange people inside and only one familiar face. Silently she asked herself " who are these people? How am I related to them? "

A man was sitting with a woman around the table. He had a cruel face and his eyes looking at FYANKIE and ADOLPH. Poor girl was already trembling, thinking of her life with strangers. She was tightly holding grandfather ADOLPH's hand.

"Julia I brought FYANKIE home" said ADOLPH. "My mother is old now, she can't take care of your child and heself anymore and she is also moving to Mazakhele to stay with my sister BOTLHALE."

That was the first time FYANKIE heard that Julia was her mother. You can imagine what was happening in her tiny mind.

Before ADOLPH left, FYANKIE was introduced to her alleged siblings by JULIA. Everybody was quiet and it was so tense.. ADOLPH left and FYANKIE was told to put her clothes in the bedroom. She never went back to the dinning room. She sobbed until she fell asleep

The following day, she was formally introduced to her Siblings and she was told that William is her father. She had mixed feelings. Most of the time she cried. She isolated herself from all in the house. Different environment, different people no trace of love for them in her heart.

She missed granny Pone the first day she entered Julia's house. She became bitter and full of hatred, but did not know who to blame in her situation.. little did she know that the hatred in William towards her was like a roaring lion.

She was just reserved and not talking to anybody in the house. She only took instructions from Julia. She was told she is the first born child of the house and forced to do all the house chores. Will FYANKIE be a happy child again?

FYANKIE grew up as a reserved child. She never laughed and never cried no matter how painful the pain was. She believed the only way to sort issues out, was fighting. She attended her lower Primary school at Leboning, her higher Primary at Selang. She went to Madisong middle school and later attended her high school education at Ratshepo high.

In 1987 she quit school due to poverty while in form four. She later joined a misic band called FIRE . Her aim to join the music group was not really to pursue he music talent but to save her earnings after stage performances, She wanted so bad to go back to school and finalise her matric.

She recorded an LP with Doc's music production and performed in SABS liveTV show called Lapologa. Of course she made money but she could not safe for school. She financially supported her siblings.

The only money she saved was fourty five ranks and by so doing she managed to pay her school fund.

She finalised her matric and stayed home without direction. Her school mates went to colleges and universities to pursue their studies. It was a real pain for her as she matriculated with exemption.

William abused FYANKIE physically. He will wake her in the early hours of the morning and instructed her to water some apple and mango trees. She was forced to water the lawn with a twenty five litre plastic container. When she was tired and couldn't carry the container anymore, William beat her with a motor vehicle fan belt.

Every weekend was a nightmare for FYANKIE. William will take alcohol and after getting drunk, he will start calling FYANKIE a piglet without a father. One day FYANKIE ran to the Police Station and an arrangement was made by Warrant Officer Molati for her to sleep at the Police Station on every weekend. Life became better for her on weekends.

During the week FYANKIE slept in neighbours coal drums. Sometimes she slept on the stoep of a store.

Life became more difficult after FYANKIE completed her matric. By that time Julia and William were divorced. When she could not take it anymore she hanged herself on an Amarula tree trying to commit suicide.

FYANKIE was saved by her uncle Simon. Few months later she drank poison, trying to commit suicide again. She was saved by a lady called Poppie Mataboge who took her to the hospital

FYANKIE never heard her mother Julia mentioning the name of her father. She knew William was just a step father to her even before Julia divorced her. She asked Julia about her biological father and all he'll broke loose.

It was when she was twenty six years when she found out who her father is. She found out that her father was a prominent person and one of the Ministers of Parliament in the South African Government.

When FYANKIE finally found her father, she was already serving as a police woman in the South African Police Services.. For the first time in her life she enjoyed life and the love she received from her father. Little did FYANKIE know that her father was going to die before her.

She heard from the TV news that her father was admitted in one of the private Clinics. Before she knew it her father died. She did not bury her father. She watched her father's funeral on TV..

All the pain came back

Maria FYANKIE Toka got married and gave birth to two lovely sons. She enjoyed her marriage and life for a while until she divorced her husband of fourteen years. She never enjoyed her marriage but had hope that all will be fine..



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