Reflection Please Stay

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When we are alone is when most of our true feeling are revealed to ourselves. I dedicated this poem to myself. It was my inspiration from me to I. Hopefully that makes sense to you. Even though we may have bad feelings about ourselves or what we look like...if we don't help ourselves than no one can help us. It is up to you to save YOU, because if you sit around waiting for it, you will wait forever. This poem is also meant for anyone who needs inspiration. You know yourself better than anyone in the world.

Submitted: June 08, 2013

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Submitted: June 08, 2013



Have you ever sat alone in a room

then suddenly your dark past comes running back


Or when you think of your future

which stunningly makes you sad


Well I must admit I have

and I always think of you


Yet those feelings I have are bad

but maybe there not true


It may sound kind of crazy

but these words are meant for myself


Yes mirror, don't look away

We have to get some help


To free our brain from all these things

that hold us back day to day


I repeat this is for you

reflection please you have to stay


Why is it that when it comes to I

there's nothing good that I can say


Is it because I lack the love for myself

or is that just the right way


I doubt it is

cause everyone deserves a happy life


Please don't get angry

this is more than just a strife


We have to put our thoughts out there

I am done with all this stealth


These words are meant for me

For me, for I, my inner self


Hopefully I have talked some sense into what I see

But most important is what I think of thee



Dear reflection my speech has come to an end

and now it’s time for these words to help our life mend. 

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