This poem was a way for me to express my feelings after a break up...also to encourage other women life is not over after a break up. You have to learn to love yourself and stay strong.

Dear Ex, I gave you my heart & you threw it away! Maybe you'll learn your lesson someday. But I'm here to tell you it won't be with me I'm so done..I'm not gonna take this insanity! You say I I don't wanna lose you,I want to be friends! Well that's something I won't give you,and don't get mad if I'm sent a better man.I gave you a chance & you said you were through! I've talked & I've talked til I'm blue in the face. Now all I can do is just stray away. Cause nothing I say or nothing do has ever had any affect on you! So I throw my hands up & now give my all to god...for I know he's here to listen in my times of need. Only he can deliver to me the man who's meant to be with me. Goes to show the only men a woman can count on is god,her sons,& her brothers! So don't worry I'll be okay! I'm a strong willed woman who lives on & on everyday! This is a poem I write for all of you women who have ever been through what I have in my lifetime...please share!! Give yourself Love...and know your worth. Before opening a door to a relationship..make sure you truly know the person...because if you don't...just walk you won't end up hurt down the way. Ladies love is something special..something you deserve..but don't let no man play you..or get you involved only to be hurt. Three words that should never be just thrown around Baby "I Love You"...if you never meant it don't say it...and just walk away...because those 3 words can crush someone when you choose to walk away..because knowing you never meant kills a persons soul...but be like me ladies..move forward with your life..just one step a don't need no creep squads or idiot's to make you lose you way. Gain confidence in yourself..and say damn right I'm the shit...and with or without you,my life is legit!!???????????????? You are a beauty who shines so bright...never ever ever let a man steal your who you are and everything you ever dreamed,a good mother,a great friend,& true to your family. Life is a battle in which everyday we fight..but don't ever lose insight on what's right for your life..only you control the path that you choose to walk...let the love for yourself guide you..and I guarantee you'll be better off!!!

Submitted: March 09, 2016

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Very emotional letter of heartfelt comments. This could fall into the True Confessions category.

Wed, March 9th, 2016 3:49am

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