The Angel and The Woman

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Read this heart-felt short story of a woman who is stuck in this world... but shortly escapes and finds Christ...

Submitted: July 22, 2011

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Submitted: July 22, 2011



The Angel & The Woman


An Angel comes across a woman who has just discovered freewill. He shows her everything good that can possibly happen if she walks in God and believes in Him.

Soon, the woman discovers everything good that can possibly happen if she walks in everything that deceives God. The things that can satisfy her flesh and everything that can make HER happy; obviously she isn’t thinking about God at all.

She discovers things like alcohol, drugs, stealing; taking the easy way out of everything, taking the easy way out of the most important thing; reality.

Confused and upset, she finds ways to blame herself. She discovers the easiest way; self destruction. She begins hurting herself and becomes dependent on drugs.

One night she has a dream; she is in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden she becomes the subject of a tug-o-war match between the Angel and several demons tempting her to continue to do all the things that defy God.

The Angel pulls her toward the light, while the demons pull her toward eternal damnation. She looks at the things the demons are offering her, and she see it’s a very easy way to get what she wants. She looks toward the things God offers her, and she sees she must work to get what she wants. As you can probably guess, she chose what the demons were offering her.

The years went by, and one day she got tied up in a situation that she never intended to happen. Troubled, she ran away. Ran away from all the drugs and the life that she thought she didn’t want to have anymore.

She stayed clean from then on out, and that was only because of a dream—or so she thought—she had. The dream was of her beginning to run back to the “easy ways” and of course, the demons welcomed her with open arms. But out of nowhere, the Angel popped up and was blocking her path to the demons.

The demons fought and fought to get to the woman, but the Angel—having the power of God—fought even harder. He urged her to go to God, for he was waiting for her.

She thought about it for a moment, when she suddenly heard a voice in the back of her mind gently say, “I’m here”. She suddenly fell down on her knees and cried. She screamed to God that he may forgive her. She asked Him to have mercy on her and save her soul.

She suddenly felt hands on her shoulders, looking up she sees the Angel, looking behind, the demons perished in a fiery damnation. She realized, this wasn’t a dream, it was life. The Angel anointed her and she became filled with the Holy Spirit and saved. She became cleansed of her sins, and learned that if it hadn’t been for her God, she wouldn’t have seen the day that she finally surrendered her life into His graceful hands.



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