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Sarah knows that getting into college is really hard but she has a bigger challenge, being a teen mom.

Submitted: October 02, 2011

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Submitted: October 02, 2011



<My name is Sarah Thomas> ugh no, delete, delete delete. <I'm Sarah Thomas> no, delete delete, delete. I thought people were exaggerating when they said that writing a college application was hard. I don't want to write this huge thing and then don't get accepted. I would hate to use him as a way of getting into college and make them  feel sorry about me. Sure, being a teen mom means that people will judge you and call you a whore, but if I told my story people would feel differently but I am not going to use it, it is not right. Im Sarah Thomas and I will get into college to be a business woman no matter what.

I was a junior last year. This guy Steve Brown wouldn't stop staring at me, following me, stalking me. I always avoided him because Im not the type of girl who likes getting all the attention and I really didn't have time for boys, the only subject in which I got good grades was biology and I really wanted and had to concentrate on my studies. Steve Brown's presence would get to a point in which he would creep me out, I had to change the route I took to walk home, I had to change from my English class because he wouldn't stop staring. I got really scared so I decided to talk to my biology teacher, Mr Vanluke. Mr Vanluke and I had an amazing teacher - student relationship, he had been my teacher since freshman year so I told him everything about this guy Steve Brown. Steve Brown kept following me, one day I found a note on my locker, it said "be careful he wants to hurt you" I turned around to see that boy with the long hair smiling at me and turning around, god, Steve Brown was so creepy. I gave that note to Mr Vanluke and he told me that he would talk to Steve's parents. I guess he did because Steve stopped staring at me but kept following me.-

I went to my junior prom with one of my best friends Ray Smith, the only reason Im not and I will never be in love with him is because we've been friends since we were born so we are like family. I enjoy parties but I don’t like getting drunk or anything. So we arrived and we started dancing, we danced to a song or two and then I saw that Brenda Taylor was sitting alone in a table, Ray has been in love with Brenda since freshman year so I told him to go for her. I left the ball room and went to the bathroom, school at night looked so different. I was alone in the hall, I was walking and I heard a noise behind me, I turned around and it was Steve Brown who tried to hide behind the lockers. He had a crazy look on his face, I started running, he started running behind me so so fast he had a really crazy look on  his face I fell to the floor and tried to stood up as fast as I  could, he grabbed the end of my dress and pulled it trying to stop me. My heart was popping out my chest. I couldn't run anymore just when I was about to give up a door opened and someone pulled me in. It was Mr Vanluke.

I fell into his arms, he pulled a chair for me to sit in and poured a glass of water. He asked me what happened and I told him that maybe I overreacted or something like that but that Steve Brown was following me, chasing me with a crazy look on his face. He told me that the boy was crazy and that I was safe now. I felt safe. Mr Vanluke told me that I shouldn't be walking around alone even if it was school because it was very likely that the boys were drunk and they could hurt me. He was right, I shouldn't have been walking alone at night at school but it wasn't the boys I should have been aware of.

"You look very pretty tonight Sarah"


An awkward silence followed his comment, I finished the glass of water and stood up.

"Thanks for that one Mr Vanluke, I owe you one"

"How about you pay me now?"


"Come on Sarah, you know what Im talking about"

"No I don't, I really have to go back to the party, Ray is probably worried"

"You're not going anywhere"

I knew everything was lost the moment I heard those 4 words. Everything happened so fast. I tried to reach the door knob but he stopped me pushing his arm. He threw me to his desk and he sat on top of me, I started screaming and kicking him, nothing seemed to hurt him.

"Shut up bitch and enjoy"

My mind went blank, there was nothing I could do. I blame myself, maybe I could have done something to stop him. He turned me around and scratch my dress, that beautiful dress my mom made for me. He unhooked my bra and pulled out my panties I couldn't think anymore. He forced me to take his clothes off but I refused, he slapped me and I passed out. I woke up on the ladies bathroom Steve Brown was next to me, he was shirtless and only had his boxers on, I was dressed in his tux.

"I tried to warn you, don't worry everything will be okay"


< I was born in 1994, my name Is Sarah Thomas and I want to be the best business woman and I think your school will provide the education I need.>

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