Death becomes her

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This poem was written to explain further the feelings of self harm and the end result is suicide.
I wanted to write this for all the victims of self harm such as Amanda Todd, to stress how much they went through.

She paints a picture,

So deep and so dark

All she needs is a spark,

What she needs in her life

Is someone to one day call her a wife,

To love her and be there

Someone to care,

To wipe away her tears

To help her move on from the years,

She paints a picture,

Her canvas is her wrist and her brush is a blade

Hoping the pain will fade,

She cuts so deep

As she weeps,

She looks away

Hoping she will end her life today,

She paints a picture

So deep and so dark,

All she needed was a spark.

Submitted: November 11, 2012

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