A pursuit of terror

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Waking up and realising your nightmare wasn't a dream...

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



I’m running as fast as I can to get away, but still the heavy footsteps are closing in on me and I can almost feel the deep breaths against my neck. After months of being locked up in here, I can finally see the end of this craziness. Just a few more steps and I’ll be out the door, just a few more steps and I’ll be free.
But my dream is shattered—the floor beneath my feet disappears and I fall.
Then the laughing starts. It’s a cruel sound that lingers in the air. It’s him. He’s laughing.
I hit what I thought would be a stone-hard cement floor but which I now find to be quite soft. As I roll of the smelly old mattress, it starts to squeak. Even though I freeze, the sound echoes around me.
After looking about the unfamiliar room, a basement without windows, my glance is caught by something luminous. In the corner of the dark room, two yellow eyes have appeared and they’re looking my way.
Now would be the time to panic, I think to myself and yet I stare at the watchful eyes with a worrying calm. Somehow I can’t seem to move anymore; and it’s neither because I know I should keep still nor because there is no way out of here. It’s because those yellow, almost radiant eyes paralyze me. Their power is surprising and awfully alarming…
I don’t have time to stop—if I do so he will catch me and he will bring me back to the small space.
The eyes are getting closer and I remain where I am, half lying on the mattress. If I don’t move soon, I will have fought for nothing. My attempt to escape will be worthless and he will win. Never would I have thought I’d be in this situation. Never would I have thought that I’d someday be forced to literally run for my life. He’d seemed like one of the nice ones, a trustworthy guy at last—it’d taken me too long to realize I’d been wrong. He’d blindfolded me, saying he had a surprise for me, and led me to what I had assumed was somewhere romantic. Instead I’d ended up in a dark room with bars covering the small room’s only window. For months he’d kept me in there, never allowing me to go outside the walls that I came to despise wholeheartedly.
I have to move – I know I do.
The eyes are now getting nearer and nearer by each passing second. It takes too long for me to understand that the owner of those hypnotizing eyes is running towards me. When I do make this realization, the skinny hands have already pressed me to the mattress and I can smell the beast’s rotten breath. Not until a light shines from a hole in the ceiling above my head, do I see its face and body.
I freeze. It takes a split second and then I start to scream with all my might. As I do, the familiar voice whispers in my ear “Did you really think you could escape me?”
Before my screams die away and everything goes black, before he gives himself fully to his desires and right before he sinks his teeth into my skin, I hear it.

© Copyright 2017 Marianne Ellery. All rights reserved.

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