One Love

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Yoy only need one love

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



One love is someone who accepts you how you are,

Who helps you be the best.

Is the one that makes your mood better,

When your feeling down.

Is the on you can be a clown with,

And not getting mad at you.

Is the one who love you for who you are,

And not for what you have or what you know.

Is the one who doesn't stair with out you looking at the same thing,

But the one who takes you to see the same directing so you both can see the samething.

Is the one who's interested in your thing,

Even if its the smallest thing.

Is the one who reminds you when you're not right,

And doesn't leave you when you fail.

Is the one who shares your sadness and lonleyness,

As well as your happiness.

Is someone who trys to understand you.

Is the one who will always ask you if you need help,

And who will help you even you say you don't need help!!  <3

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