Her Angel's Tears...

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Hey,guys this is a short story that I wrote today because of a song I love.Please while reading it,you must listening to this song in the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4wdHgDfTQc
I better not make a summary of it.Just read it and listen to the music,I hope you all enjoy it,because it has a great feeling(in my opinion.)
The images are a bit not suiting the time but I couldn't find better.
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Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011



It started raining outside.In the mysterious grey sky a thunder was heard and then rain drops started falling on the ground stronger and stronger every second.

The red-haired girl was sitting there by the window.The big and dark castle had many rooms.She decided to sit in the most modest room of all.In her opinion it was the most modest.She was feeling homely there.It was the music room,where a piano and a violin were there.The violin was on a red dusty armchair.Someone’s place was there and that someone was gone.Forever.


It was cold in the dark room,but she didn’t care.She had nothing to care much about.She was lost.Lost and abandoned in her own world.In her painful world.She had lost everything she ever loved.

She started remember again.The rain.Remembering the moments that she and Lathan were existing.Lathan was a beautiful creature,that had came from Heaven.He was an angel.He had dark hair and grey-blue eyes full of love and care,pale white skin,without even a single mark on it,and he was 17 years old,as old as she was.But the major of all,he was good.Good.Good and good.She didn’t know the origin of good until she met him.

She learned how to live,how to express herself,how to see the world around.She learned how to love and how to see.He opened her green eyes and allowed them to see.She could finally see.It was something that no one ever gave her.

What she felt about him was not only love,it was this beautiful feeling of seeing a beautiful person,a person that you can talk to him fearlessly,without worries.She loved his smell,a cross between roses and rain,his warm hug and his warm lips,that encouraged her to keep on living.She couldn’t live without him anymore.It was another side of hers,a part of her heart,that if she’d lose him it would be the most painful thing that could happen to her.


And it did…Lathan was gone…Her fountain of life was gone…

She remembered his last words…

“My love,promise me…that you’re not going to do anything that could hurt you…I am not safe anymore,but I know that you are and I’m going to protect you…I want you to continue your life with only a tiny favor…remember me every time it rains…when it rains you must know that I’m there with you…I love you…forever…”.

And then he was gone with a warm teardrop streaming down his pale white and cold now cheeks.

She held him in her arms tightly and cried…Then it started rain for the first time after his death…


The girl got up and ran outside the room.She walked down the stone staircase and she got out from the castle.She stood there,under the front wooden,looking at the grey sky and the rain with a smile…He was here with her.

She walked slowly on the stone pavement with small steps and felt a shiver.A nice shiver when the raindrops touched her naked shoulders and her face.He was there…


This wasn’t only rain,this wasn’t only water…It was him…

Lathan was there.He was there,confronting her to smile for once.And he did it successfully.

She smiled for the first time after he was gone.Thanks to him.To his tears…

Her Angel’s Tears…

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