The Great Greek School 2011

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This is a poem I wrote during school today.Greek school sucks and this poem contains all the reasons and anger I hate it like most of the other Greek students.We have nothing.So I wrote this in Greek but then I translated it and changed it with the few english I know!(yeah,my english rock...)
I hope you enjoy it! :)
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Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011




7 o'clock I must get up

I slept 4 hours,it was just a nap

I get ready for school

Being sleepy before I go is not cool

I run to school,it takes time to reach there

The teacher yells,it is not fair

I worked hard and whole last night

To give him my damn homework

I gave a fight

I had other lessons to do

Maths,English,French for all the afternoon

And it wasn’t my choice to do those things

It’s the useless teachers whose the fault is

They are paid well,1.000 euros plus

So fairly they don’t care about us


Cause no one checks them,to see if they’re right

They only put homework to work all night

They don’t care if we know or not

They don’t care at all if we got a lot

Lessons for after school,homework for maths

Composition for French or test for Ancient Greek

And then it’s the shame I get

When he yells at me because I forget

A small detail from the lesson I just let

What am I?A robot to remember everything?

I only think about the family fight yesterday

My mum screaming,my dad upset

My sister leaving,my sister crying

I’m not lying sir,I had no time

To forget once is not a crime

Stop it!

Listen to me!

Here sir!Can’t you see?

I don’t love school because of you

You ruined my life like they did too

You make me go nuts

Hate school

Hate knowledge

Hate my life

It’s you who drive me to take a knife

To kill myself

Cause you take advantage to yourself

When I leave from your ‘class’

I get to another

With a teacher whom pays my father

He teaches me well,he notices your mistakes

I go against you as long as it takes

Cause you go too against my needs

You are not a teacher

This is not a class

I’m not a student

What you teach me is not maths

Don’t look at me like that!

I’m not a fool!

I know over Greece

There’s not a school!

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